Comodo - Update 'Error 113'

  wee eddie 14:02 27 Mar 2010

I have recently changed from Zone Alarm to Comodo.

Every-time I boot the PC, with the Router turned on, I get a little Comodo Pop-up saying: 'You have Updates ready to install _ Click Here to start'

When I click ~ Nothing happens.

If I try the 'Check for Updates' on the Miscellaneous Page. I click a couple of pages and then get a little Download Graphic saying Error 113 and explaining that my Internet Connection was lost!

However, immediately before and after, I am able to access the Net with no trouble.

Any ideas. Maybe Comodo is denying itself access!

  sunnystaines 14:50 27 Mar 2010
  Pineman100 14:54 27 Mar 2010

This thread might help: click here

  sunnystaines 20:10 28 Mar 2010

did you get anywhere with error 113?

  wee eddie 05:19 05 Apr 2010

I have already downloaded the latest Version

  wee eddie 16:00 07 Apr 2010

Installed the latest version from Comodo's own Web Site but, boy, do they make it seriously difficult to find the "Stand Alone" version.

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