Comodo System Utility FREE Disk Cleaner - restore lost files?

  FITZY 19:55 06 Oct 2012

I used Comodo System Utlity "Free" Disk Cleaner on my sons basic Compaq laptop, which uses Vista. Lots of his documents have been lost, including A level projects. The restore option lists "Privacy Cleaner Disk 22-09-2012 22:52:18" but the restore tab isn't available. There is a 1.4GB CBU file titled "Privacy Cleaner Disk 22-09-2012 22:52:18" on the hard drive in the Comodo backup folder. Could this be where the missing docs have gone? How do I restore them? Do I need the Pro version for the Restore function to work? Thanks.

  rdave13 20:07 06 Oct 2012

Found this

  rdave13 20:08 06 Oct 2012

It shows 'pro version only'.

  FITZY 20:24 06 Oct 2012

Thanks for the help rdave. I've followed the instructions on the link and it looks like restore is working. Will let you know the outcome. Cheers :)

  FITZY 21:09 07 Oct 2012

Tried to restore via the Privacy Cleaner - it didn't work!

  rdave13 21:16 07 Oct 2012

Did you try to restore via the Disk cleaner rather than the privacy cleaner?

  FITZY 19:36 08 Oct 2012

No files are shown as available to restore on the Disk Cleaner tab.


  rdave13 23:27 08 Oct 2012

Then I would join their forums, here, and ask your questions in the Comodo System Utilities - CSU section. They should be able to get your files back. Sorry I can't be of further help. Good luck.

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