Comodo Internet Security frequent updates

  muddypaws 17:51 11 Jun 2009

Does anyone else have at least ten auto updates a day with the above?
I've had CIS for some months and they seem to be getting more frequent.
Can only assume they are false indications.
I don't really want to switch off auto.

  provider 2 22:39 11 Jun 2009

Nope, they`re real enough apparently and mostly about the CIS anti-virus component: click here

  provider 2 22:42 11 Jun 2009

click here;msg276796#msg276796

  provider 2 23:39 11 Jun 2009

"Rigth now once a day. Starting from 1st half of May, 2009 there will be multiple updates in a given day and finally every 30min, which is the final target. We are trying to make this happen asap so users can be protected in fastest possible way." (Comodo forum).

Comodo playing catch-up with other, longer-established AV programs, perhaps?

It looks as if Softpedia and Comodo have fallen out over SafeSurf and the Ask Toolbar thing:

click here

  muddypaws 20:47 12 Jun 2009

Many thanks. Should have checked their forum first.

  provider 2 22:15 12 Jun 2009

it`s like a blooming labyrinth in there and half the time posters don`t know which part of what program belongs to what app.

Not easy to navigate, I think they call it.

  provider 2 22:18 12 Jun 2009
  muddypaws 22:23 12 Jun 2009

provider 2
I think I did look at it months ago. I recognise it from your link.
What a nightmare!

  muddypaws 10:14 30 Jun 2009

Is there any way I can disable the updating balloon in the system tray. I have looked in
Misc.>Settings and the box for 'Display balloons' is unchecked.
Now that updates are so frequent I want to get rid of the balloon.
Would appreciate it if anyone on here knows to save me trawling through Comodo forums.
Incidentally in the time it has taken to type this I have had three balloons re updating!

  Stuartli 15:05 30 Jun 2009

Softpedia has been detailing its reasons for the Comodo fallout for many weeks.

Frankly I'm quite in agreement, although I do use Comodo Firewall Pro.

  provider 2 16:32 30 Jun 2009

In misc. Settings it says: Show the balloon messages - These are the notifications that appear in the bottom right hand corner of your screen - just above the tray icons. Usually these messages like ' Comodo Firewall is learning ' or 'Defense+ is learning ' and are generated when these modules are learning the activity of previously unknown components of trusted applications. Clear this check box if you do not want to see these messages.

Which means, I think, you`ve done what you can to stop these balloons appearing.
As you say, the thing is now to visit the Comodo forums ... I look forward to hearing what they have to say (When you come back in six six weeks or so ...)

I stopped updating altogether when they were coming out with all this ant-virus and Vista compatibility stuff, as I think you know.

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