Comodo firewall window

  Pepper9 10:13 15 Apr 2009

My Comodo firewall window sometimes opens on startup and sometimes doesn't. How can I make sure that it does not open at startup please? I don't seem to be able to find an option to do this.

  provider 2 10:36 15 Apr 2009

Is it just the firewall you are using? ... not Comodo Internet Security (Firewall, Defense+ and Comodo AV)

If so, then an update in March put a second stsrt-up key into your system for CIS which causes the splash screen to come up when you start.

You can disable it using Ccleaner start-up module (look for CIS) or msconfig where it appears as the second cfp.exe

( Recommend Ccleaner for this. It has more info for your guidance)

  Pepper9 10:38 15 Apr 2009

Thanks provider2 - will give it a try.

  kidsis 12:34 15 Apr 2009

This is very interesting as it has been happening to me. Would you say it is ok to leave as is, or is it necessary to remove the second start up key?

  provider 2 14:09 15 Apr 2009

It`s a matter of choice, I think.

The problem results from Comodo updating to get CIS to work properly with various Vista versions and the Comodo AV which is still relatively new and not without problems.

Have a look at this and you`ll see what I mean: click here

If you run XP and the firewall only, then these updates are not needed. (You can choose the firewall only in Filehippo version, for example).

I have Firewall and Defense+. Everything was fine until update 3.8.64739.471 (I think it was, and Feb, not March) when the control/summary page started to appear.

I disabled it using Ccleaner start-up module, than checked to see what msconfig had to say. Sure enough, it was this second cfp.exe that had been unticked.

I think I`ll stick with what I have now and have cancelled update notifications in "Miscellaneous". I`ve no intention of dumping Avast in favour of the Comodo AV and no intention of using Vista in whatever version.

  Pepper9 16:47 15 Apr 2009

I have checked with CCleaner and found 2 entries for Comodo - both appear to be the same name but one is for Comodo Firewall Pro and the other for Comodo Internet Security. I only run Comodo Firewall. Should I delete or disable the Internet Security one?

  cocteau48 17:06 15 Apr 2009

It is just as provider2 has outlined.
Plenty more about the same on the Comodo forum click here and how to stop it.

  Pepper9 17:07 15 Apr 2009

Many thanks

  Marko797 17:10 15 Apr 2009

Yes, delete the CIS entry in CCleaner. Job done.

  Pepper9 17:11 15 Apr 2009

Thanks all for your help - much appreciated.

  cocteau48 17:11 15 Apr 2009

I had the relevant link bookmarked but it does not seem to want to copy/paste.
Try again click here

Apologies if it does not work.
You may have to search the forum for it.

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