Comodo Firewall pop-up frenzy!

  thumbscrew 19:57 04 Dec 2009

I've just installed Comodo Firewall and I can honestly say I've received more impenetrable pop-ups from it in the past 24 hours, than in the past five years without it! Wouldn't be quite so bad if I could understand them, but their phrased in the sort of computerese I studiously avoid...means nowt to me and I'm proud of that! Instead of baffling me with code only a technician could understand,surely it's sensible to just state..."Google Earth (Or whatever) is trying to access etc?". On top of the gobbledygook, when I click "Allow", it reappears, I then click "Allow" again and the damn thing returns a third time. I'd previously read it was fussy, but this is ridiculous. Anyone any opinions?

  rdave13 20:04 04 Dec 2009

I dumped Comodo firewall once it got bloated. Used to be a good basic firewall. Now use Windows' own firewall on XP,Vista and W7.

  AL47 01:07 05 Dec 2009

i also tried and hated comodo cause it was too complicated

as you say, you just want to know simply whats accessing it

ive always loved ZA firewall/program control, still use it on 7 cause windows firewall is too automated IMO its the best

  User-1229748 01:45 05 Dec 2009

comodo was always too complicated for me aswell,havn't gone back to try it since.

  Halmer 10:00 05 Dec 2009

hand corner.

Is virus defense set to 'stateful' and Defense+ set to 'Safe Mode'?

I use Comodo having had problems with the new AVG and Zone Alarm and it seems fine to me.

  SimpleSimon1 10:38 05 Dec 2009

Gave up on ZA cos their quality control seemed lousy and every new release was chock full of bugs.

Now use Online Armour Free from Tall Emu and that seems very good plus the developers are very responsive to any issues.

Pair that up with Avira Free plus SpywareBlaster and I have a nice secure XP-based system

  provider 2 11:05 05 Dec 2009

I use Comodo and yes, it can be a bit of a pain with its blooming paranoid reactions to anything even a little unusual.

I`m not sure if its geek-speak or American lingo or a combination of both is the problem but some of its attempts to pass the responsibility to you to make decisions can be irritating.

Anyhow, things do get better as it learns what`s what on your computer and if you like you can stop the baloon messages by going to Miscellaneous> Settings and turning them off ... other options to make it less (and more) irritating can be found there as well.

I don`t have the AV component (prefer Avast), so the frequent updates for it don`t affect me at all. It`s a good firewall, though, if you can survive the honeymoon period!

  snowmanuk 11:45 05 Dec 2009

i gave up with it it alert to everything so i dumpped it

  Marko797 12:01 05 Dec 2009

as provider 2 says, it's going thru a learning process, so in time it will be less intrusive. I would say stick with it; it's a gret little program.

  thumbscrew 20:20 05 Dec 2009

Thanks all...provider I've checked the Settings and balloon messages are unticked.Halmer, tried your double click and found Defense+ and, yes it's set to Safe Mode. Can't work out where Virus Defense is...can you help?

  Halmer 20:53 05 Dec 2009

should be on the summary tab (the one that you have open) if you have the latest firewall and AV version.

You may have just the firewall version tho'?

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