Is comodo firewall enough to keep PC safe?

  rizlo29 21:53 20 Feb 2010

I used to buy Norton AV...but no more. Anyway, Ive been running without AV for a few weeks now and thought it time to install some security.

First of all I downloaded comodo, and that has a AV. Will this be enough to keep system safe if I download a spyware program too?

PS Ive noticed a lot of dialog boxes for comodo already, have the prompts I dont understand. I guess windows firewall knew what was safe? Why so many bleeding prompts?

Anyhow can you tell us the best combo of software to keep computer safe??? I will pay for software, but prefer free.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:13 20 Feb 2010

Microsoft security essentials

click here

  rdave13 22:24 20 Feb 2010

I can only show what I use to keep relatively safe on the net. Others might agree or not.
My OS is Windows 7 but same for Vista.

Windows' own firewall but with Windows 7 / Vista firewall controller free;
click here

Avast 5 home; click here , registration required.

Superantispyware proffessional. Try the trial instead of the free version first. If you don't want to pay a one off payment for real-time scanning then it will revert to the free optiom.

click here

Rest of freebies,
spybot s&d (safer-networking site ONLY.)
Spywareblaster. Both s&d and this one provide a blocking of bad sites facility.

Malwarebytes free for occational scanning. Need to update manually as all free programs.

  rdave13 22:28 20 Feb 2010

A lot of people sing the praises of MSE, and I use it on a netbook. For some reason I don't think it good enough for a PC if you use banking or similar sites. Not enough setting available for me.
Anyway good hunting. (I dislike the overbloated, nagging Comodo.)

  Input Overload 09:30 21 Feb 2010

Why don't you keep the Comodo firewall which is one of the best & use MS for your anti-Virus.

And do a scan weekly with free A Squared. And free Malwarebytes, although I feel it's worth buying Malwarebytes as the full version will block dodgy sites if you set IP Blocking.

  provider 2 09:59 21 Feb 2010

Comodo will be fine, but as you`ve noticed, it updates and nags at you more than some people can tolerate.

It`s mostly AV updates you`ll be getting now and that`s not a bad thing. (It used to be quite a lot of Vista compatibility stuff.)

Most of the nagging is from Defence+ which is a kind of internal check that nothing is running that shouldn`t be, or any changes in program behaviour that it hasn`t seen before ... it really doesn`t like changes to its protected registry keys.

Consequently, installing a new program can send it into a bit of a tizzy.

If you prefer Avast (or another AV), it`s best to install Comodo without the AV component to avoid possible conflicts.

  provider 2 10:17 21 Feb 2010

... SpywareBlaster, Malwarebytes` Anti-malware, and /or SUPERAntispyware ... (all free versions) are very useful additional protections.

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