Comodo firewall 4.1 - tell me about it

  Graphicool1 18:49 26 Jun 2010

I'm being told that the latest Comodo 4.1 Firewall only, is like a walk in the park. Compared to the paranoia version I tried last year! So, if you have it, tell me about it. Because at present I am on the lookout to replace my present Ashampoo Firewall, as it's having issues with AVAST 5. What it's doing is blocking Avast from downloading AV Updates. As I'm sure you'll understand, It's a matter of some urgency.

  john bunyan 18:53 26 Jun 2010

I had Comodo in December with XP. On changing to W7 I switched to PCTools firewall (after being reccomended on the forum) as although Comodo has a good rating, I found it a bit intrusive.I am happy with PCTools plus, in my case, Avira.

  Sea Urchin 19:00 26 Jun 2010

I changed to the Comodo 4.1 firewall a couple of months ago after using ZoneAlarm ever since my Win98 days. ZA started causing too much interference with various processes.

I must say I like Comodo - it initially asks permission to use most of your programs on the net, but then remembers and hasn't bothered me since.

  rdave13 19:01 26 Jun 2010

Tried ashampoo's firewall and was not impressed.
If running Vista or 7 then I suggest running its own firewall and free version of this; click here

  rdave13 19:03 26 Jun 2010

PCTools firewall is excellent for XP but not needed for Vista or 7 in my vey humble opinion.

  Belatucadrus 19:32 26 Jun 2010

Been using Privatefirewall for a few months now and I really like it. Works fine with avast!
click here

  john 52 06:25 27 Jun 2010

I am on XP and on john bunyan and other forum members recommendation changed to PC tools and it has been problem free!! it works well with MSE

  stlucia 08:49 27 Jun 2010

I've been on Comodo now for a year or so, after ditching ZA because it was becoming more intrusive after an update.

Recently, after a Comodo update, it started asking questions it's never asked before, and which I often didn't know the meaning of, but it's quietened down now and I'm still happy with it.

  provider 2 10:41 27 Jun 2010

Never suspected you, of all people, would give Comodo another go ... a triumph of hope over experience?

Version 4.1 might be worth a try, though I have to admit I`m still on version 3.8.64739.471 minus AV ... prefer Avast), with updates switched off.

I think the major paranoia started with version 3 onwards when Defense+ became part of the package. I have a chum who was diven nuts by it, went back to version click here and is still quite happy running that version on XP.

Interested to hear how you get on ...

  Graphicool1 13:07 27 Jun 2010

I knew I could rely on you.
Sorry I omitted to say WinXP SP3.5.

I've been on the AVAST forum, because the latest Avast update is causing a conflict with - they think - my Ashampoo Firewall. It is showing an...
ERROR: Cannot connect to the server.
So it cannot update the AV definitions.

provider 2
It was them who are recommending I use either 'Comodo' or 'PCTools'. When I told them of my past experiences with Comodo. They said that there is now a Comodo 4.1 Firewall (only) and it isn't as in your face as it was!? If I decide to go down that road again, time will tell, and so will I. ¦¬]

I have to say though, another of their thoughts of culprit was 'Fix-It Utilities'. Although I had no faith in this line of thought, I uninstalled it as per their request. But still Avast couldn't connect to the server. As I said to them I will be putting Fix-It back. So, they are now pointing the finger at my Firewall.

  Muergo 17:12 27 Jun 2010

Just because you think you are not paranoid, doesn't mean that THEY aren't out to get you. Ha Ha Fee Fi Fo Fum

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