Comodo Firewall

  shuggee 09:49 01 Jul 2007

I have recently installed Comodo firewall and I get, every few seconds, a security alert telling me that "InstallShield Update Sevice Agent " is trying to connect to the Internet. The application is listed as "agent.exe and the parent is "sychost.exe. I don't know what this is or whether I should allow it or not.

Can anyone enlighten me?


  jja244 10:29 01 Jul 2007

I've had Comodo firewall for a long time. I've seen both the files you've listed quite frequently and have allowed them without any problems. There are quite a number of files that list 'svchost' as the parent. Have a look through the 'Component' and 'Application' monitors.

  shuggee 10:45 01 Jul 2007

Thanks for the information, I'll just allow it in future. I'm getting a bit fed up with that warning popping up all the time


  birdface 11:00 01 Jul 2007

Fed up with the warning popping up all the time,Delete Comodo,And download Kerio Firewall,No pop-ups but does not give you full protection,It works just like Windows Firewall,I have used it for a couple of years now and have had no problems, So easy to use.You get the full version on trial for a month and if you don't want to pay for it ,it reverts to the free version,click here

  shuggee 11:13 01 Jul 2007

Thanks for that but I think I'll stick with Comodo for the time being. From all the reviews I've read it dores seem to be very good. I'm still using AVG antivirus, though. Is it a good idea to use Comodo instead? It all seems so confusing

  Miros 11:14 01 Jul 2007

"Firewall,No pop-ups but does not give you full protection" Is this an error?


  Miros 11:15 01 Jul 2007

I use AVG and Comodo, and have no problems.

  birdface 11:24 01 Jul 2007

Comodo Is a Firewall,And Avg Anti-Virus is Just what it say's,The both should run Ok together,I don't know if there is any conflict between them,None that I know about.I should have said that Kerio only gives you one way protection,But only when you download the simple version, Full version was to complicated for me, As was Comodo.

  Miros 11:28 01 Jul 2007

Your Thread title says Comodo FIREWALL. If that's what it is then you should have no trouble.

If it's the Comodo Anti-Virus which I have no knowledge of, it's generally agreed that you should never run two anti-virus programs together.

  Miros 08:36 02 Jul 2007

If your still unsure about anti virus's, firewalls etc, you may find this by one of our other members useful click here.

It could be useful for future reference.

  Andsome 09:06 02 Jul 2007

Don't be annoyed at warnings, it shows that Comodo is doing it's job. On some of the warnings, there is a show libraries option, use this and you will see exactly what is trying to connect. Tick the remember this action box.

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