Comodo 3 with KAV 7

  Poitier 13:44 23 Nov 2007

Encountered problems attempting to install Zone Alarm Free with Kaspersky Anti Virus 7. Anyone know if Comodo 3 Firewall and KAV 7 are cmpatible?

  alpha femail 10:30 28 Nov 2007

Zone Alarm Free 7:

I recently installed a two year license for Kaspersky AV 7. I had previously been running AVG Free and a version of Zone Alarm Free F/W. I uninstalled AVG Free before installing KAV 7 and left the ZA Free F/W in place because I did not know, at that point, that there were compatibility issues between hidden elements in Zone Alarm Free and KAV 7.

During the KAV 7 installation process, my version of ZA Free was not identified as being a potentially incompatible program and I received no alerts during installation about removing it. I wasn't aware, until I poked around on the KAV site, a couple of days later, that there were incompatibility issues with ZA Free FW and KAV 7. See KAV/KIS website tech page here:

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The version of ZA Free which I already had running, prior to installing KAV 7, is version ZA Free F/W 6.1.744.000 – not ZA 7. I had been running this version since April 2006 in tandem with AVG Free and had not updated to the latest version.

A thread on the Zone Alarm Forum discusses that a non updated version of ZA Free version 6.5 could be used as a work around for incompatibility issues between ZA v 7 and KAV 7. It was considered that I would also be OK with my earlier version, ZA 6.1.744.000. See the Zone Alarm forum thread here:

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Copies of legacy versions of ZA Free (including several versions of ZA 6.XXXXXXX) are still available on the ZA site, here:

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I have also come across a reference on the Kaspersky forum to using a version of ZA released immediately following my v6.1.744.000, before v6.5 was released.

Comodo 3:

A number of Comodo versions are listed on the Kaspersky KAV/KIS tech pages [same link as above]as having incompatibility issues (COMODO AntiVirus 1.1, COMODO Firewall Pro 1.0 COMODO Firewall Pro 2.4).

But experienced contributors on the Kaspersky user forums suggest using Comodo Free Firewall version 3 with some adjustments to KAV 7 settings (disable “Proactive Defense” in KAV 7 is one suggestion, but please search for all threads on Comodo in the various Kaspersky forums before making any changes to KAV settings). See click here

It is also recommended by both the ZA Forum and the Kaspersky forum if users of KAV 7 are considering installing ZA Free v6.XXXXXX or Comodo Free F/W that they are installed AFTER KAV7 has been installed and not BEFORE, and that removal of previous A/V and F/W packages should be thoroughly carried out.

I’ve been running KAV 7 + ZA Free 6.XXXXXXX for only six days. So far, the only apparent problems I have encountered is some instability of the icons I have selected to display in the Notification Tray (but I find the “Show/Hide” status of icons inconsistent at the best of times and this may not have been directly due to installing KAV 7 and running it in tandem with ZA.

"Compatibility mode" may need to be enabled in KAV 7 settings to avoid "This program needs to close" DEP error messages, when opening some Windows Explorer applications. I initially encountered this problem when opening My Documents, My Computer, Control Panel etc but for my OS (WXP Home + SP2) this was sorted following selection of "Compatibility mode", other adjustments to OS and KAV settings may be necessary depending on the cause of any error messages or other apparent problems.

Initial scans in KAV 7 can be lengthy, but again, there is advice in the Kaspersky forums for selecting settings for reducing the length of subsequent scans.

One other change which appears to have occurred since loading KAV 7 with ZA Free 6.X is that when put on "Standby" mode, my HP laptop now wakes itself up after 30mins, instead of remaining on Standby then switching automatically onto Hibernate - a minor irritation, but I shall need to get this sorted.

If you are still using Comodo Free F/W with KAV 7 please let us know how you are getting on.

Please note that I have the technical knowledge of a capybara and am reporting only the advice of a number of experienced ZA and KAV forum members – not recommending the use of ZA Free 6.XXXXXXX or Comodo Free F/W; others experiences may differ from mine, and there may be issues I have yet to encounter from the use of this combination.

  Poitier 15:08 28 Nov 2007

Hi Alpha Female,
Thanks for your lengthy and useful response. I am not using Comodo at present and in the past have used NAV. I had just reinstalled XP and after my experience with ZA,installed or rather 25% installed(it stopped) after KAV,have become reluctant to install another firewall for fear of compatibility problems..Have decided to rely on the Windows fiewall for the present.

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