Communicating via a network

  Tazfan 18:46 01 Mar 2003

Can anybody suggest a program that can be used to allow users on a home network to communicate with other users of the network? JV16 used to allow Instant Message type communication, but this appears no longer to be there with the latest versions. From where my second PC is located, its not possible to even shout to the other user, so a little app would be great.

Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks in advance for your time and trouble, T:-)

PS. Sprry for my long absence, but been in hospital for 4 weeks.

  Legolas 19:34 01 Mar 2003

Sorry Tazfan not a solution to your problem I just wanted to say welcome back and I hope you are feeling better :-)

  spikeychris 19:41 01 Mar 2003

Four weeks, what the hell have you been doing?? As for net com I'm with ßéŁâ on this one..


  PSF 22:20 01 Mar 2003

If all the pc's have internet access why not use MSN/Windows messenger, that's what I use.

  armageddon_outta_here 22:31 01 Mar 2003

what about netwmeeting?

  armageddon_outta_here 22:35 01 Mar 2003

that's netmeeting (of course), which allows voice communication. Are there any others (free)?

  Tazfan 11:32 02 Mar 2003

Thanks so far for the suggestions. Anymore with any more. Ive had a look at Lantalk XP which looks ok, but someone may well come up with something better.

How is it done using Messenger? Do the users each have to login with different accounts?

Legolas and spikeychris. Thank you. Yes, four weeks is a long time, but you wouldnt believe me if I told you. Got to go back in for surgery in 7 weeks, and I am not looking forward to it.

  PSF 11:46 02 Mar 2003

All of the users have to set-up their own accounts via the messenger/hotmail service. It is free. You can also use this abroard on any pc.

You can sync your e-mail addresses from Outlook Express, and so you have access to all your contact from abroad.

If you have friends/relatives that live in other countries you can see when they are online. A window pops up telling you when one of your contacts signs in.

With Messenger you can see who is online by using Outlook or from the messenger icon in your system tray. All you have to do is right click on the icon if it is green and a window will open on the other persons pc.

The advantage of using Messenger is other people from outside of the network can be invited in on the same conversation.

You can also put up a message saying Busy Out to Lunch etc.

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