Communicate over network

  Tazfan 16:35 20 Dec 2005

I have two XP Machines connected through a Router on a network at home. Is there any software that will allow communication from one PC user to the other? I dont want to use MSN, but if possible, a dedicated Network communication program.

As always, many thanks in advance. T:-)

  De Marcus™ 16:41 20 Dec 2005

click here any good?

  Tazfan 16:53 20 Dec 2005

Winchat seems the ideal solution. It doesnt seem to want to wlrk though. Each PC can "see" the other, but when upstairs dials downstairs, it gets a message saying downstairs did not respond, and when I try to dial upstairs, it just keeps dialling with nothing showing upstairs.

I shall give utalk a try now. Thanks for the suggestions.

  Tazfan 16:59 20 Dec 2005

Nothing is ever striaght forward. I have downloaded and unzipped utalk, as per the suggestion made by ßéLâ. However, even though on the download site, it says its free, after unzipping, it requires a licence key to enable th einstall to take place. I can find nowhere on the site to obtain one.

  dizzy1111 17:04 20 Dec 2005

About 3 weeks ago I purchased a new MESH pc its the top of the range PC advised by PC ADVISER so here are a few problems firstly the keyboard and mouse does not work its cordless and made by LOGITECH so its been back to Mesh twice now and they cant find a fault I have talked to there Engineer many times does anyone know how to get this thing to work my old Packard Bell mopuse works good so why does the new one not HELP!!!!!!!

  Devil Fish 17:06 20 Dec 2005

net send click here

  Tazfan 17:39 20 Dec 2005

Lantalk is not something I am prepared to use. Tried it before and ended up losing everything cause it messed things up enough to requre a format.

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.

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