This is a common question,

  Forum Editor 19:07 24 Aug 2004

in fact it's probably the most common question, and my answer is always the same.

DreamWeaver is an excellent web-design programme, but it has a farly steep learning curve, and I wouldn't personally recommend it for your first encounter with WYSIWYG web-design applications. Leave it for later - when you've gained some experience.

That leaves me with two recommendations - either Microsoft's FrontPage 2003, which is every bit as powerful as DreamWeaver (more so in some respects) but an easier ride for beginners, or NetObjects Fusion, which might prove the better choice at the beginning. Its latest version is a delight to use, and has dozens of ready-to-go templates. Few people have an unlimited budget, and if I had to pick the ideal programme for the complete beginner my vote would go to NOF. If it's your birthday treat yourself to FrontPage as well, and practice. Bear in mind that to get the very best out of FrontPage you'll need to host your site on a Windows server with the FrontPage extensions installed, and if you want to know what all that's about post back and one of us will explain.

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