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  Djohn 00:11 26 Nov 2003

Nice to be back on air, what caused this? Don't think it was a server fault. The web as a whole has been a little slow tonight. j. :o(

  Raquelmanny 00:15 26 Nov 2003

It has been awful tonight. I was beginning to think my son had played about with my settings. (he said not). I can always blame him! Anyway hopefully back to normal surfing.

  Gandalph 00:20 26 Nov 2003

Web still crawling along here in the Scottish Borders. Cps in count is up and down like a Yo-Yo.

  Djohn 00:27 26 Nov 2003

click here Link from VoG may explain the reason? "Denial of service attack" not quite sure what this is but I'm sure someone will explain for us. j.

  Raquelmanny 00:30 26 Nov 2003

Well just been on another thread and they were saying zone alarm has caused the prob tonight so disabled it and all perfect now.

  smegs 00:31 26 Nov 2003

Dosn't sound that goooooooood.

  Raquelmanny 00:35 26 Nov 2003

As long as I can surf again im not bothered. They better not make a habit of it. When you cant get your emails or surf its bad. My comp is my life line.

  Jester2K II 07:57 26 Nov 2003

This is an attempt to flood servers with to much information to make it crash and to block legitimate users out.
How it effects everyone else I'm not sure.... Can any one explain?

  Sir Radfordin 08:04 26 Nov 2003

I assume that large parts of the network had been flooded with packets of information both from people trying to bring ZoneLabs down (sites still not available) but also from people trying to visit the ZoneLabs websites. If an ISP's DNS was trying to locate ZoneLabs websites it would've had problems doing so increasing the time it took to do anything else.

Not a very good advert for a security company!

  Jester2K II 08:08 26 Nov 2003

So Blueyonder (my ISP) would have had it servers looking for the ZoneLabs website and hence my requests for PCA site, Dilbert etc etc would be waiting at the back of the queue (as it were) whilst BY is trying to find ZLabs!!

I see!!


However I'm curious about this comment - Not a very good advert for a security company!

Could ZL have done something to prevent the DDoS attack? Or is there something they could / should have done when it started?

  Sir Radfordin 10:12 26 Nov 2003


Some links that may help explain things??

click here

click here

click here

The people who started this attack off have no doubt found a flaw in a system to be able to do it. It used to be true that you could do a 'ping of death' against a system and that would slow it up/bring it down. Systems can now be protected against such things.

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