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  DarthFletcher 20:55 14 Jan 2006


I have been making sites on FP2003 for a few years but always like to use the HTML style more than the PHP scripting and Nuke etc..

Like some feed back on this site click here I know its a fair old name but I am still in development on the site and areas to be made and revised ready for my lauch. I am not going to rush to process has this is going be a part time business for me and I dont want to get anything wrong which can/will put potential customers off... so your early feed back would be grateful.


  ade.h 20:59 14 Jan 2006

The grammar and phrasology needs some work. This is important for any serious website, but particularly so for one that advertises a business or service.

The first paragraph alone contained enough errors to make me think twice about reading any further.

I'm sorry if this seems at all harsh, but you did ask for critical appraisal.

  ade.h 21:02 14 Jan 2006

Where did the "Golden Web Awards" come from? Are these awards that you have won for your work? It needs an explanation - via a link perhaps - to back it up.

Otherwise, anyone could claim any qualification or accolade and it would instantly be rendered valueless.

  ade.h 21:06 14 Jan 2006

Okay; further to that, I have found your Awards page and read it....

....and I am still none the wiser as to what exactly a Golden Web Award is and what it signifies.

  mco 23:10 14 Jan 2006

you shouldn't put websites in your portfolio that aren't yet online (the Publicity Rocks one); showing it in browser preview mode just doesn't give a professional air to your work. I also think you should ditch the Golden Awards bit - having done a bit of googling I think it's just a scam and again doesn't give the right impression. Your prices are cheap and I like your design - it goes well particularly with these gaming sites you show - but am in total agreement with adeh about the spelling and punctuation.

  ade.h 23:17 14 Jan 2006

It's up to you what you charge, of course, but I think your prices are actually much too cheap.

1) You'll barely cover your costs.

2) When I see a totally out of the ordinary price for a service, I think "Why is it that cheap? What's up with it?"

Like those home-printed leaflets that drop through your letterbox, saying things like "Geoff's tree cutting service - £5 for a small tree, £10 for a big one". It goes straight in the bin because you know that it can't be al that great when "Geoff" hasn't checked the market and priced accordingly.

It's okay to be the cheapest, but if it's too cheap, it can give the wrong impression.

  Forum Editor 10:25 15 Jan 2006

you need to do a great deal of work on your site,DarthFletcher, and you might start by realising that if you are going to claim that you've won awards you must link back to a url that explains what the awards were for, and who awarded them. Provide links to the specific sites for which you won these awards, because if you don't, people will think (quite understandably) "here is someone who is trying to gild the lily".

If you want to fool people into believing that you are a big organisation, as opposed to a one-person-band, that's your affair - personally I think it's unnecessary - but don't insult your audience by making simple errors in the text, such as the one pointed out by fourm member. Your spelling and grammar need a thorough going over as well.

Your graphics are excellent, and the navigation works well - the site is very fast to load.

White text on a black ground has always been one of my pet hates, but I can see its appeal on fantasy sites. You might want to steer clear of italic text on a lined background though - many people find it very difficult to read.

  Taran 11:24 15 Jan 2006

your site has inactive links where buttons are present but no destination page is.

If you are working on content for your site you would be better off either having no buttons to pages that don't exist yet or you could put the pages in place with a simple text block stating that the page will be filled with content soon.

If that sounds petty then my apologies but broken links are a serious bugbear with me and since you used FrontPage for your sites you (should) already know how simple it makes life for you when adding links over multiple pages in your site.

One point worth mentioning here - if you have missing references of your past work like the CSI-Fans site that was taken offline for maintenance but for some reason never went back online afterwards, you would be better off either not featuring it or just saying that your work has included X, Y and Z without going into why it is no longer online. If the site was taken offline for maintenance (and this is a questionable enough concept to begin with) it should have gone back online afterwards.

This raises questions:

Why is it still offline ?

Why was it taken completely offline for 'maintenance' instead of the updated content just being published ?

Your portfolio raises other questions. The top two examples are graphically the same underlying site design with a different page banner, while the third example has both a different page banner and sports very slightly different buttons.

People can see this similarity instantly - the purpose of a portfolio is to demonstrate the breadth of your skills, not repetitions of a theme.

Others have mentioned the award side of things so I shan't go any further along that road.

Your site has potential, but careful attention to detail in your content text is required and your portfolio could do with a smattering of offerings that aren't almost identical.

  Taran 11:36 15 Jan 2006

the name Darth Fletcher could seriously discourage potential clients.

You've used in on the bottom of your 'StormBringers - Guild Wars' example site and I can imagine a lot of people having difficulty in taking it seriously.

I had a quick look at the StormBringers site and it brought back a lot of memories. I've never been into gaming but I have met Michael Moorcock and made a sword for him years ago. Happy days...

One point I'd like to leave you with. You use frames a lot and the way you've used them results in horizontal scrolling of the web page on many common screen resolutions. Put some thought into going over to frameless sites. Frames are very much outdated (thank goodness) and there are hundreds of reasons why not to use them.

You are obviously enthusiastic and as Forum Editor points out you use some really nice graphics. Stay with it.

  DarthFletcher 17:43 15 Jan 2006

I am still in the designin process of it, the link is there to show me what the site reacts like online.

The Golden Web Awards was my goal to start for sites, since I read upon about them in 2000, however they have changed their ethos of awarding and now want a subs to be able to win them.

The sites has mentioned are not offline due to moving on from the game. and the teams disbanding, and in some cases lack of interest in them such as the FF7Fans site.

I will take the advise passed on and will work on making the site better.

[] What Colour Scheme would you have,

[] Guessing Inline frames then instead of a framed page.

[] The domain name will make the email address etc.. so the darthfletcher / darkgod hotmail address will not appear.

[] How can I show concepts and sites made? without them lookin silly nor unprofessional

[] Not liking PHP will that affect potential design? or can I avoid any instances using photoshop.

  ade.h 18:24 15 Jan 2006

If you don't get on with Photoshop, try PhotoImpact from Ulead. Following Taran and the FE's advice, I am now using it not just for image work, but for graphics as well. A very useful product for web design.

My thread on the subject is still around if you want to read it.

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