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  IClaudio 19:51 03 Feb 2004

My tenant handed in her notice on Saturday, and I have knocked up a very quick'n'dirty site advertising the flat wclick here

Do you have any brickbats or suggestions? It's very much work-in-progress (the local paper comes out on Friday with the site address, so it will need to be ready by then...) and, for example, I just quickly 'boshed' up the Form on the 'Contact' page a few minutes ago, and don't know if I really need it - it's just practise really.

Any comments gratefully received and acted upon!

Thanks for your time

  IClaudio 19:52 03 Feb 2004

Oh, and if you're interested, let me know that too ;)

  PurplePenny 22:04 03 Feb 2004

Looks just fine to me. I don't like the bouncing leaves on the nav buttons but that's just me! The photos are nice and clear, no spelling mistakes in the descriptions. The only thing missing is the rent, I couldn't see that anywhere - are you working on the theory that anyone who has to ask can't afford it? :-)


  IClaudio 22:20 03 Feb 2004

...thanks for your comments. The bouncing leaves are just part of an 'off-the-shelf' Style in NOF and I haven't altered it in any way. And I don't really have any inclination to do so unless I have a few spare moments.

Leaving the rent out of it was a concious decision, but one that I may change. In fact, you're right.... I shall go and change it right now, people need to know, I guess! For the record, it's £700 pcm.

'Spelling mistakes'...? I'll pretend I didn't hear that! ;)


  IClaudio 17:29 06 Feb 2004

Yes, Joe, the dark clouds_were_Photoshop'd in...

I thought the dark clouds looked quite moody, sort of Lord-of-the-Rings-ish ;)

If I have time, I'll change that, thanks for your input.


  IClaudio 19:12 06 Feb 2004

by any other name...

But I've been looking for a way to use that rose picture for months :( - putting a picture of a flat on the front page is a little boring isn't it? I thought the rose might grab people's attention, and if people are looking for a flat, they'd persevere more than 3 seconds. However, I take your point! A flat it will be...


  Forum Editor 23:14 06 Feb 2004

the rose should go - it bears no relation to the subject matter. Those dark foreboding skies should be dispensed with as well, they make the place look cold and uninviting.

My only other comment is that I dislike the green background. It too is less than inviting, and does nothing to create the positive, welcoming atmosphere that a sales aid should exude. Try a muted parchment colour, it always looks warm and classy.

Good luck with the letting.

  IClaudio 00:47 07 Feb 2004

Thanks for your comments everyone. The site is now white (maybe too white, but I'll look closer tomorrow)! Rolling back the dark clouds is going to take a few hours longer, but that'll be done tomorrow.

The rose?... I'm going to take a bit more convincing on that, but I have a couple of ideas brewing. As I said before, people are coming to this site only because they have been directed here from my ad in the local paper, so they know what they are going to see. The rose is just a little decoration, they won't be put off by it. But if I can get a more appropriate decoration, then so much the better.

Thanks for your input

  PurplePenny 01:10 07 Feb 2004

<mumble>I liked the green</mumble>

  Forum Editor 07:55 07 Feb 2004

with its new background.

I can tell that you're very attached to that rose but its relevance to the site's subject matter is nil. It's made worse because it's right alongside a paragraph welcoming visitors to a property - two minutes walk from Boulters lock etc. Why not an image of boulters lock, or of a stretch of the Thames near the property? Anything but a completely unconnected flower.

One other point - it's never a good idea to put your email address in a hyperlink where it can be harvested by spammers. Make the email address into a graphic instead.

  IClaudio 22:48 07 Feb 2004

...I've acted on them all. Yes, the rose had to go (hey, it's only a rose...) - the Form Response page might have been a good idea, but 1&1's MS Hosting doesn't allow for cgi, so I'm stymied for now. Tomorrow I shall look into FrontPage and see what that has to offer.

Next thing is to tidy up the text formatting which at the moment is a little haphazard.

I rather hope that the site is only going to be around for a couple of weeks (had two calls already, so fingers are crossed) so I don't want to spend much more time on it, but it's good practice!

Thanks again

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