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  Jarvo 14:20 18 Jul 2004


I have just started to build a new website for my photos and although no where near finished I would be greatfull for comments on the following

Page layout / acessability


image download speed / quality

As I said I have much more to do with the copy and gallerys but comments would be good before the site gets bigger.

click here

  Jarvo 14:22 18 Jul 2004

sorry forgot

Many thanks in advance


  AndySD 16:14 18 Jul 2004

Works fine in IE6 and Netscape 7 and Firefox and Contact you address is unreadable. As for speed well I ccant help there 1mb broadband so it was fast
Personally I dont like the extra page reminder at the bottom when its already at the top....but thats just me so ignore it.

  Taran 19:51 18 Jul 2004

Overall it's on the right tracks.

Your top banner is slightly blurred and could do with being higher resolution.

One thing that really needs addressing is that every single page jumps slightly because the top banner, the line below it and the navigation links do not share a common template layout. Each page shifts slightly when you click on a link. This is a pet hate of mine and is dead simple to address.

You might want to try your body text justified. On those pages that feature a lot of text justifying it can help tidy things up. It gives a nice neat edge to both sides of the page.

I'll have another look tomorrow when I have more time. Looks promising so far though. 23:31 18 Jul 2004

that I noticed immediately. Firstly, the titile says, but the address bar says .biz (a minor point I know, but you may lose visitors trying the uk).
Secondly, although the layout is quite simple the pages seem to take ages to load. This includes the home page, which only has one image and a banner.

Looks good though.

  Forum Editor 23:59 18 Jul 2004

Just a few comments though:

1. Copyright is spelt like that, not 'copy write'

2. Having a section called 'about me' is fine - why spoil it by talking about 'Ian Jarvis' as though it's someone else? Use the first person - it's far more friendly. People might perceive the third person useage as a tad pompous.

3. Likewise, to say that the site was developed " allow the public to purchase prints if they wish" comes across as slightly remote. Why not say "In order to reach a wider audience I decided to offer my prints for sale on the internet". After all, that's exactly why you developed the site, and it sounds a whole lot friendlier.

4. In the gallery the prints might look better if the landscape and portrait formats were laid out separately, instead of being mixed - it looks a little confused at the moment.

5. The 'kicking'on the page banners is irritating, and as Taran says, can be easily fixed by using a common page template.

There are some beautiful images there by the way - I love the Del Monte by night. Were they all taken with the Canon 10D?

Good luck with the site.

  Jarvo 07:57 19 Jul 2004

Thanks to you all

I will sort out the page templates and work on your other suggestions tonight. Its good to get some feedback now, by the time I have added another two gallery's I would have had another 80 pages to correct. thanks - I've published to my .biz for construction and testing, this site will replace my fist site that I made three years ago when I was just playing around with web design. When its finished I will move it over to

FE - some taken with 10D, Fuji 6900 and Fuji 2400 much to my wifes dismay I have two equally expensive hobby's computing and digital photography(she also go's bananas when I insist on taking both my cameras and laptop with me when we travel to Italy!)

Has anyone used the papal trolley system and is this the best rout for me to go at this stage? I don't at the moment envisage selling enough prints to pay for my own dedicated system with my host 1&1.

Please keep the comments coming those extra pairs of eyes are a great help!



  slowhand_1000 17:26 20 Jul 2004


Agree with what has been previously said. Just to add the thumbnails seemed a little large in file size. Maybe they could do with optimizing a wee bit more.

There's some very nice images on there. Good luck with it.

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