D-Frame 13:29 17 Feb 2004

Just a quick thing put together. Everything else hasnt been done yet cuz i dont know what people like so far...

click here

  Taran 13:58 17 Feb 2004

Without content there really isn't much anyone could say.

The layout is not to my own personal tastes but it could be an entirely different story if the content of the site relates in any way to it and vice versa.

A layout can be made [or broken] by its content and the same holds true in reverse, so I'd like to see a little more before commenting too heavily on it.

  Forum Editor 15:48 17 Feb 2004

your site won't load for me - I get a 'page not found' error.

  newswatcher 16:19 17 Feb 2004

Colourful! Did you note the mis-spelling
of "your" instead of "you're" (that is
"you are") selling in the green splodge?

  PurplePenny 21:16 17 Feb 2004

The splodgy home page looks as though it will be in keeping with the mood of the site but it took a loooooong time to open.

You do need to check your spellings - as well as the one already mentioned there are more in the thread sub-titles on the forum page. Spelling mistakes make a site look amateur.

If your forum becomes popular you'll have your work cut out moderating it!


  IClaudio 23:28 17 Feb 2004

the other guys on the forum are lucky, I just can't get your page to load at all. FE's experience , along with mine, shows that there is something not quite right with your site, but as I can't load it all, I can't help!

  inspector gadget 06:51 18 Feb 2004

thought the forum text colour was a bit dark and blends with the background too much
page loads ok for me

  tomleady 09:55 18 Feb 2004

it loads fine for me. but i am on a T1 connection. there were no probs with anything else.

i think its quite cool. to me, the page suggests that it may be for kids or something. its like something of Art Attack! thats my opinion anyway.

but i quite like it.

  D-Frame 10:26 18 Feb 2004

Im on 56k and it takes around 10 seconds for the front page to load. I'll adjust the forum text so its not as dark. My spelling is very poor, i've spent most of my time on the internet these past 4 years talking to americans and people from other countries meaning im adjusting to their style of spelling.

  IClaudio 15:39 18 Feb 2004

took a blink of an eye today, strange. I'm on 512BB.

I like it. If you can keep the theme of strong primary colours (?colors) against the black, you'll create a good identity for your site.

Poor spelling is a compelling reason to use a spoolchucker ;)

Good luck

  D-Frame 18:03 18 Feb 2004

erm... i may need to have someone help me with the spellings... :
(*cough* Must confess im 16 and i have dropped out of school... maybe i need extra english training)

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