a comment about this section of the forum

  p;3 11:22 30 Jul 2005

now that this section is up-and-running I have been noseing in to see what is going on and where I just might be able to offer help or assistanc, remembering my own limitations and how much I appreciate the really basic language of replies when asking for "fool-proof answers and help"; however, strikes me that some answers are perhaps not that basic, and some questions maybe in the wrong section; or is it just me; absolute beginners should be that ; or has the beginners podium got more high-tech

I have my own limitations and knowledge ; I am also reading the threads and their replies with a "newbie" or beginner"s cap on ; I do still wonder if folks are afraid to ask the really basic stuff "in case I get told off for asking";
a thought? maybe F.E. could arrange a direct mail to new members to help them to be aware of this section and of its basicalityness?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:05 30 Jul 2005

I do still wonder if folks are afraid to ask the really basic stuff "in case I get told off for asking";

or they feel as if asking a basic question will make them look silly.

The only way to learn is to ask. There is no such thng as a "silly question" we all have to start somewhere.

Computing is a wide vaying subject. and I have lots of questions to ask when I come up against something I've not met before. :0)

  p;3 17:40 30 Jul 2005

if you do not know how or where to update something , please ask; or what "updating" is, or the need for it; why should I keep "updated" even:)
please ask; just ask:))

  User-178362 21:28 30 Jul 2005

I am pleased there is an absolute beginners page, Fly? Streams NTFS? What might be straight foreward to one isn't to another. Some infomation I understand but then I might not another sentence on the same subject, so I do not move on, as it isn't all clear. It is not easy trying to explain yourself.

  VoG II 21:41 30 Jul 2005

Please keep the 'easy' questions coming.

They make a bit of light relief in between answering 'hard' questions like click here

But please do try to describe the problem fully and state which version of Windows you are using, and the version of any software that you are using.

If there is an error message please type it in full - otherwise we will be guessing.

  uisquebeathus 16:00 31 Jul 2005

I am labled a newbie and as such i have over 12 years of IT, Computer and Network experience in offices and factories all over Scotland, I was in an accident and can only do a very limeted amount of physical work.I like to go into forums to help others as well as keep my old brain going, what gets me sometimes is the smug knowitall answers that appear, they often dont give any helpful answers, have the so called experts forgotten when they were starting in IT and had to ask questions themselves

  Danoh 21:06 31 Jul 2005

Hear, hear, VoG™. We all do try our best, but telepathy isn't all its cracked up to be! :-)

  p;3 23:04 06 Aug 2005

is it just me or has the absolute beginners podium got more high-tech? looking at questions being posed, I am wondering sometimes if I am looking in the right section:((

  p;3 23:18 10 Aug 2005

answers seem to be straying off the really basic and on to "I assume you know what this is" type of answer, as I am noseing throuhg the threads and reading them as if I| were a complete new starter (although I admit my knowledge is very limited)

it IS for absolute beginners and answers seem to be straying away from that fact:)

  Forum Editor 00:34 11 Aug 2005

I suggest that you sit back and allow things to find their own level - rather than wagging a finger at your fellow forum members. A place like this needs helpful, positive input above all else - let the absolute begginers speak for themselves if they're unhappy with the service.

  p;3 00:48 11 Aug 2005

point taken F.E.;I "ll just carry on browsing and learning:)

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