Command Prompt, BIOS, DOS?

  graham√ 09:57 25 Oct 2003

A recent posting (nods to Legolas) talked of booting to the a: prompt with a boot floppy. How is this different to the Command Prompt?

Is BIOS just another name for setup?

Is MS-DOS the same as DOS?

  graham√ 10:17 25 Oct 2003

Thanks, it's just that I've been pondering Legolas question click here

I can prt scr into Word with the Command Prompt set to A:, and print from there.

  Legolas 10:22 25 Oct 2003

Hi graham√ could you explain a bit more what you have done, did you boot into windows or did you boot up to an a: prompt fom a boot up floppy?

  graham√ 10:30 25 Oct 2003

With Windows open, I select Command Prompt, put any old floppy in and change to A: I know you are going straight to A: prompt when you wish to print, but could the same screen be brought up this way if you typed setup or similar?

  Legolas 10:42 25 Oct 2003

Hi graham√ Thanks for your interest in this problem I have tried your suggestion and get no result I think much of the problem lies in running XP and having a USB printer.

  graham√ 10:51 25 Oct 2003

For some reason I couldn't work out the difference, but the simple answer goes back to Djohn. You are in the same screen, but because Windows is not loaded, prt scr won't be available.

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