Command buttons in word not working

  smudge101 13:53 23 Jul 2005

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read this post.

I have created a word form .doc in office XP and addedd a button that should save, print & close the document.

The first time I tried the button it worked but sice clicking the button doesn't do anything.

I created another button to output a simple message box (as a test) and that does not work either.

Seems like I might have accidentally changed some setting within word. Any ideas?

  rawprawn 15:24 23 Jul 2005

You don't say which version of word, but if it's fairly recent look in Help/ Click on Detect and Repair

  smudge101 16:50 23 Jul 2005

Hi, thanks for the response.

I am using Office XP, tried the detect and repair but still no go.

As a test, I have just tried a simple button to display a messagebox in Excel and that works ok, it just seems to be word that has the problem

  rawprawn 08:45 24 Jul 2005

Sorry I can't think of anything else, perhaps one of the other members who knows more about Word can help. At least this will take you back to the top of the postings.

  smudge101 10:47 24 Jul 2005

bump :)

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