coming out of sleep mode turns webcam on

  awest3 12:19 09 Jun 2010

I have a dell inspiron 530s, 4gb memory, Vista sp2,two 750gb HDD, Philips spc 900 nc webcam. Just recently when coming out of sleep mode (dell) the webcam switches on and I have to go into Skype (Can't seem to find an option to switch off in the camera software) to turn it off again. Skype is not in my startup file so should not be the culprit.

As ever any suggestions welcomed.

  T I M B O 13:50 09 Jun 2010

I am assuming that this cam in not built into the computer. If not then go to the System Configuration Utlity and delete all of Philips stuff from there.

You only wish to start up what you wish to not when the computer does. Lots of rubbish gets in there and just slows down the pc like, java, pdf, office stuff, just delete it all.

Some computers have a hidden partition & there is software to protect that partition, so be careful not to delete that. Like Advent use RECGUARD/ Pc Angel.

Google everything if you must but most pc's will function normally with nothing in there, but you need your antivirus ok!

  awest3 14:11 09 Jun 2010

Hi, Thanks for this but I dont actually have anything apart from MS Essentials in there. I keep on top of the startup file and ensure nothing starts which I dont want to.

  T I M B O 14:29 09 Jun 2010

1) Click start

2) Click run (If XP) if vista & win 7 then type in "Run" then look up to where t says run and click on it.

3) Type in "msconfig"

4) Click "startup" tab

5) Delete all rubbish if there.

  awest3 16:29 09 Jun 2010

Sorry did not make myself clear... I already did that...I do not have anything in there except anti-virus.

  Rahere 17:33 09 Jun 2010

You could try the settings in Skype - ther must be a box that either disables the webcam function until you want to use it OR to disable skype from starting when Windows boots.

  awest3 17:54 09 Jun 2010

Thanks for this..!
I've tried the setting in Skype. But I can't find anything relevent. Skype is not active anyway (nor is it started with windows) so I can't see how that is affecting the webcam. I go into Skype tools and then video settings which brings up a screen showing the picture from my webcam...I then canel out of that screen and the webcam switches off...all very puzzling. I've had both the dell and Skype for a couple of years and never had this issue before...

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