comes on with firewall switched off

  pomerian 00:10 21 Jun 2010

I have windows XP home edition and was using Virgin media anti virus, computer was very slow and often used to hang up on switch off displaying (Security services communication facilitor running) if you pressed Ctrl Alt Delete to see what was going on. According to forums on the net it's a bug in virgin antivirus programme and the advice was to uninstall and use AVG. I tried this but AVG woul;d not load comletly saying one file was missing tried it from several sites always the same so I installed Windows security services anti virus and firewall programme.Now on switch on it says it Freedom could not load properly I don't know what Freedom is never seen it before and the firewall is always switched off I switch it back on but next time it off again and displays notice about Freedom.Anyone any Ideas?

  birdface 07:18 21 Jun 2010

Not sure if this still works but maybe give it a try to remove PC guard from your computer.
if that is not what Virginmedia use anymore ignore the click here.
[Windows security services]
Not sure about that program.
Did you mean to download Microsoft Security Essentials and have downloaded the wrong program.

  pomerian 08:05 21 Jun 2010

I removed virgin PC guard ok the trouble started when I tried to install AVG have just put avg in search there are lots of files shown which may be causing the problem but since AVG wouldn't finish installing I can't remove them in add/remove tried system restore but problem is still there

  birdface 09:01 21 Jun 2010

Sorry meant to post the removal tool.

click here

Also the removal tool for AVG.

click here

PC Guard used to be very hard to remove properly but using both removal tools should help.

  pomerian 10:04 21 Jun 2010

I've run them both PC guard has gone, all AVG files still there is there any way to remove them manually ?

  birdface 10:31 21 Jun 2010

Try Search and just type in AVG but you have got to be careful as to what you remove.
The only other way I can think of is to install AVG again then download Revo Uninstaller and use that to remove AVG.

  pomerian 12:18 21 Jun 2010

that has fixed trouble thanks for your help

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