comcast service as slow as dialup lately

  WVMMRH 20:21 06 May 2006

for the past two weeks my surf speed with comcast has been as bad as dial upservice and at times even has been out to check the problem twice and each time the service ran outstandingly great.. after they leave my residence,the dog gone internet begins to crawl like a snail again. this happened twice. i'm begining to wonder if someone is 'sharing' my signal from the cable box outside(i live in an apartment).but if that were true someone would have to be scurrying out to the box to unhook and then re-hook later.i thought that one of the things that comcast would do when they came out would be to check the cable connections in the box on the wall outside--but on neither visit did they do so. each time they came out i was told that they can't determine what the problem is if the problem doesn't exist when they get here.i understand that problem can i make sure that the problem is still here when they arrive?.it's almost as though the problem has a mind of it's own and it's playing tricks on me.and it's really annoying.i'm paying comcast 120 bucks a month for digital cable service and the internet.if this kind of service(200kbs and under)continues i think i'll drop their high speed internet service and try someone else.i don't know what to do.i truly don't understand why the service speeds up fine when they're here and then slows to a snail's pace not long after they leave.this is bizzare

  remind 01:22 07 May 2006

keep an eye on your overall net-speed with this; click here

do regular speed tests at click here

take screenshots to show any technicians; click here

  remind 01:47 07 May 2006

leave the screenshots un-edited , the time/date stamp for the file will be a rudimentary `authentication`

  rmcqua 09:45 09 May 2006

Where do you live?

  WVMMRH 18:07 09 May 2006

i live in garland texas

  rmcqua 19:50 09 May 2006

I used to subscribe to Comcast when I lived in Hamilton, MA. I once had very similar symptoms to yours. The Comcast engineer came out, opened up the box on the tree across the road, and discovered that a family of "flying squirrels" (his description) had taken up residence there and feasted on some of the cables.

  rmcqua 19:52 09 May 2006

$120 a month seems awful expensive. I got cable TV and broadband for $49.99 when I was last there in August, 2004.

  WVMMRH 07:17 11 May 2006

they never even checked the box outside,which i thought was odd.but tonight everything's back to speed tests show that i'm doing much better than the 600kbs that comcast promises to deliver. i'm doing around 800 plus tonight.i'm flying very fast and it's obvious as i surf just how fast the system is tonight. so fast it's rather bizarre.i appreciate the fact that people in the forums here are so quick to get back with help.i'm still puzled though as to what the problem was and i hope it doesn't happen 'speed' suddenly returned yesterday evening and has been great since.hopefully it was a comcast problem and not an outside line problem or something. anyway...flying squirrels??? lol!

  WVMMRH 07:20 11 May 2006

the 120 dollars is the internet and the cable with two premium channels...but is expensive in my book

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