Combining pictures

  Straub 03:47 22 Jun 2003

How can I take two (or more) pictures from my files and stack them into one connecting and continuous picture?

I am maintaining information for a pre-packaged website program, which allows automatic inserting pictures for such things as Advertisements, Real-estate ads, etc. Unfortunately some of the website areas are restricted to one picture, such as an homeowner selling his trailer in the Classified ad are (he sent in a side and front view of the trailer).

I know it can be done, since the developer provides in some areas up to 4 pictures to be loaded, and when you open that portion you see the four pictures from top to bottom.

I believe they are using some sort of html code to do this.

Hopefully somebody knows how to do this. I have searched the Web, only to find a thousand articles about morphing multiple pictures into one contrived picture (not what I need yet).

  Pesala 09:13 22 Jun 2003

Do you mean something like the rotating picture at bottom centre: click here

My web programme creates the code for me. Each picture can be linked to a different URL, the number of pictures can be increased, and the pause time can be changed from the default 2 seconds.

  Mango Grummit 09:39 22 Jun 2003

I'm book marking this as just this morning I have the same need as Straub.

I'll post back if I come up with anything but don't let me hold up suggestions :o)

No, Pesala, I think Straub wants to have pics all combined in one frame, same as you would get if you laid (say) four photos on your scanner.

I'm going Googling now .............>

  Pesala 09:47 22 Jun 2003

There is a Javascript applet here, that scrolls pictures in a windows. Clicking on a thumbnail opens the appropriate enlarged pictures.

click here

Combining pictures as a montage is simple in most Photoediting packages, or one can simply scan them together. Serif Page Plus is also excellent program to use for this, as it is easy to resize and align each picture, add text, rotate, etc., before combining the whole group as a new picture. Try Page Plus 5.0 from click here, or send me four small pictures by email and I'll do it for you.

  Mango Grummit 10:02 22 Jun 2003

montage!!! that was the word I was looking for lol.

I may have something myself. I've got no end of image progs, bits and bobs I've not used, so I'll investigate "at home" as well as Google. Was hoping tho' to find a simple little prog dedicated to this job. As I say it is only this morning that I have found the need.

Nice site there btw Pesala.

  slimpickins 10:17 22 Jun 2003

Open your picture editing program.

Create canvas the same size as the web picture will be.

Open the pictures you want to use.

Select the area in each that you want to use.

Drag and drop it into the frame.

Resize it to fit (it might be easier resize the original for height or width before selecting it).

Arrange them on the canvas and merge them.

Bet I've completely misunderstood the question...

  Mango Grummit 10:42 22 Jun 2003

That's the one, thanks!!!

Done it with Photo Studio, easy peasy. Only difference to your instructions, used cut & paste rather than drag & drop.

I'm up and running here now.

Straub, sorry to have hi-jacked your thread. Please accept my profuse apologies but I hope this is all of help to you as well.

Regards & best wishes, Mango

  slimpickins 17:20 22 Jun 2003's ages since I posted in these forums because I hardly ever had anything useful to contribute, so nice to get something roght for a change!

  canard 22:37 22 Jun 2003

Straub if you haven't found what you need click here You can montage madly with zonerdraw and version 3 is free. It's very easy to use with no apparent vices.

  Ben Chuud 23:56 22 Jun 2003

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