combining photos

  podlod 10:27 23 Dec 2007

Hi, can anyone tell me how I can place 2 images together on one photo so that it looks like one, for example if I want 2 people off of 2 photos and place them together so that it looks like they have taken the photo together? if I am in the wrong area for an answer please could you link me as to where I can go for more info. Thank you

  MAJ 10:46 31 Dec 2007

You're not copying the cutout, podlod, you're copying the whole picture. When you finish going round the cutout with the scissors, click inside your cutout to select it, then go to Edit > Copy (or press Ctrl + C), then click on the other picture to select it and go to, Edit > Paste Into.

Sorry about omitting that bit, podlod.

  Graham. 10:51 31 Dec 2007

Yes, just had a go - you have to select the cutout so a dotted line runs round it.

  podlod 16:37 31 Dec 2007

Ok thanks, I will have another bash at it tomorrow, and let you know how I get on, and thanks for all coming back to me so prompt.

  woodchip 17:26 31 Dec 2007

Do you mean Cut and Paste from one to other or to Stitch as in a Panorama?

  Graham. 09:59 02 Jan 2008
  Graham. 10:00 02 Jan 2008

Wrong thread.

  podlod 15:34 03 Jan 2008

Hi Maj, I did as you said and it works perfect, the only prob is when I saved it, I have prob in sending the photo via email as the gimp software keeps appearing behind when I show the photo on the screen?

  MAJ 16:55 03 Jan 2008

Sorry, podlod, I'm not really sure what you mean. Did you save the merged photo as an ordinary .jpg file or in some other format?

  MAJ 17:23 03 Jan 2008

Thinking about it, podlod, if you mean that The Gimp opens when you double-click on the photo, then Gimp has taken your file association for that particular file type. you can change it back quite easily if that is what has happened. But to be sure, do all photos, of the same file type as your merged photo, do the same thing?

  podlod 08:02 07 Jan 2008

Hi Maj, when I saved my photo when finished, i saved it in my documents, should i have saved it in something else?.sorry to come back to you so late.

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