Combining a DVDRW and CDRW on same PC

  Halmer 22:08 28 Nov 2004

Is it OK to do this?

On my PC I have a CDR and CDRW on XP.

My lad has a CDR (which is broken)on Win ME.

I was hoping to move the CDR from my PC to my lad's and buy a DVDRW for my PC.

Apologies if the acronyms are incorrect.

Is this as simple as making a note of where the connections go and letting the PCs find the new hardware?

  LastChip 22:09 28 Nov 2004

No Problem.

  woodchip 22:16 28 Nov 2004

Yes you can do it but a DVDRW will also write CDRW and CDR

  megat193 22:22 28 Nov 2004

I have 2 HDDs, one primary master, the other primary slave, and 2 DVDRWs, one secondary master, the other secondary slave. Originally it was a CDRW and a DVDRW. No problems at all, even writing 'on the fly', albeit it is safer to write via HDD.

So you just have to decide which is going to be a master and which a slave and set the jumpers accordingly.

  Halmer 22:28 28 Nov 2004

Jumpers to me are woolly things that keep me warm.

  Rtus 23:29 28 Nov 2004

If you look at the Installation guide when you purchase your New DVDRW Drive (dont be mean buy the lad one too (under £50)) youll find jumper settings a doddle.without droppin a stitch. I use DVDRW&CDRW as m/s on same IDE cable & 2 HD on other cable.. you could also add a PCI IDE card to put the DVDRW drive on, although thats a far dearer option..

  LastChip 23:29 28 Nov 2004

You will need to set the jumpers, but it is almost self explanatory.

When the time comes, if you need help, post back.

  Pidder 23:32 28 Nov 2004

Don't forget static!

  sidecar sid 23:49 28 Nov 2004

The PC i am currently using has an NEC DVDRW as master and a LG combo CRRW/DVD rom as secondry and works like a dream.

  Halmer 20:33 29 Nov 2004

for the help everyone.

I'm pricing things up at the moment. I'll see how he behaves this week before I take your advice Rtus!!

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