Combining disk partitions in Windows 98

  3rdday 16:27 18 Nov 2003

I have just nstalled an old 2Gb disk from a redundant PC into my Windows 98 PC. I've discovered that it is divided into two 1Gb partitions. I would like to have the whole disk as a single partition and I don't need to keep the data on the disk. How would I do this?

  pcgal 16:28 18 Nov 2003

Use fdisk via a boot floppy to delete the partititions.

  3rdday 16:40 18 Nov 2003

Forgot to say that it's not the boot disk - it's a spare second disk. Do I still need to do it via boot floppy?

  Diodorus Siculus 16:44 18 Nov 2003

have a look at click here for a comprhensive guide to fdisk.

Yes, I think that using a boot floppy will be the easiest way in Win98. Just be sure that you fdisk the correct disk - it could be a painful lesson otherwise...

  Diemmess 17:03 18 Nov 2003

Echo Diodorus Siculus.......... A really safe way to protect your primary disk is just pull off the data cable.

Since you are booting from a floppy and when booted the DOS A:> prompt will show, typing FDISK will only work on the available drive (your 2Gb).

FDISK is fine for this purpose but do follow the instructions. It is easy enough but has to be taken step by step in a very plodding sort of way.
I'm sure you know but when you finally have just one (active partition) called C: because it is the only drive visible, you will have to reboot and then format it. If you disconnected your Primary disk, there is still no danger of getting it wrong.

  Diodorus Siculus 18:44 18 Nov 2003

Diemmess - good advice!

  3rdday 21:55 19 Nov 2003

All seemed to go well with Fdisk - deleted the two partitions and created a new one on the second disk apparently without problem - but now the PC won't boot. It boots fine if I detach the second disk, leaving only the primary attached, but crashes and turns itself off if the second, repartitioned, disk is attached. What have I done?

  Diodorus Siculus 23:06 19 Nov 2003

Check the jumper settings.

On the first, they should be set as primary master.

On the new disk, primary slave.

Jumpers are little plastic covers which join two metal pins - they will be on the end of the hdd near the power cable.

  3rdday 23:24 19 Nov 2003

Jumpers are set correctly. I checked and set those before I first installed the disk, when it worked fine. It's only since using fdisk that it's gone pear-shaped. I am, of course, now wishing I'd listened to that small voice in my head which said "If it ain't broke ..."

  dazzling (work) 23:50 19 Nov 2003

its possible there is something wrong with the disk.find out what make it is and get the diagnostic tools of the manafaturers could also be the ide cable try it on a different one.let us know what happens.darren

  woodchip 00:02 20 Nov 2003

All you need to do is use Fdisk to remove the partition then reconnect the boot drive, Go into Explorer Right click on the 2Gb drive and choose format

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