Combined printer/copier/scanner for Windows 95

  [DELETED] 16:57 14 Nov 2003

Trying to get an 'All in one' (I know they have limitations) for my father-inlaws birthday. Problem is his operating system is W95 and it seems the all in ones require at least W98. Can you still buy W98 and upgrade without loosing any of his current files etc. Also as his PC is 6 years old, is there a chance that he will need a lot of hard drive space and memory to run an all in one? Any recomendations?

  [DELETED] 17:12 14 Nov 2003

Mavers, you can get Windows 98 here for £48.76 +vat and delivery or Windows 98se for £63.45 click here, or you may be able to find someone who has bought a new XP computer and is prepared to sell you the software from the old computer. You could try eBay.

  [DELETED] 17:15 14 Nov 2003

Mavers, another though (that's 2 in one day). Most printers and scanners these days are USB only. You really need Windows 98se or later to use USB. Also check that the computer hardware is able to be used with USB, many of the older motherboards had problems.

  [DELETED] 17:16 14 Nov 2003

Or try a computer fair
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to see a list of future show dates.

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