Combined ADSL modem and router

  consultik 12:42 27 Feb 2003

Is it possible to buy a combined ADSL modem and router/hub to run a small home network (4 pc's). I currently have broadband with a BT ADSL modem that's attached direct to one of the computers, but this obviously needs to be on all the time for any of the others to connect. The BT modem only has a USB connection so I couldn't connect it directly to a hub (or could I?)

  theone 14:41 27 Feb 2003


I use a SAR715 router bought from click here cost £110. i run 3 pc's and a MAC G3 all talking to each other and surfing the net ok.

  consultik 15:00 27 Feb 2003

I've had a look and it sounds like what I'm looking for, but can i just confirm for a simple guy like myself..

Each PC plugs into router via cat 5 cable/rj45?
Phone line plugs direct into router?

How easy was it to set-up/configure?


  Pilch.... 17:19 27 Feb 2003

i use that for my machine's, have mates come round and plug in, web based set up interface

4 port switch, modem!!

Best of all under £100 for good bit of kit!

  HighTower 17:40 27 Feb 2003

I bought one of these too and run two macs and a p.c. off it via ADSL from Nildram. It's easy to set up and the Mac / PC thing isn't a problem at all. Each computer plugs into the router via CAT5 (that's your network set up) then your router plugs direct into your telephone socket. You then use one of the pc's to connect to your router via your web browser (all explained in the literature that comes with it) and then give all of your computers a unique IP address. They then all talk to the router and have internet access as long as the router is switched on.

Dead easy to set up.

  HighTower 17:41 27 Feb 2003

Just re-read and noticed you don't use any macs, so it should be even easier!

  consultik 19:21 27 Feb 2003

Thanks everyone, looks like I've found my solution, I'll be ordering an SAR 715 in the morning!

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