Combination PCI Card?

  User-064D8D8D-326C-46F0-A5916820C563BECF 15:40 29 Sep 2008

I have a Cooler Master “Stacker” which solved the problem I had before of not enough bays. Now I am out of slots on the mother board! I currently have a Realtek PCI Fast Ethernet card but want to add the ability of interfacing my computer with my telephone line for other issues. Does anyone know of a single combination 56k voice modem / fast Ethernet pci card?

  mgmcc 16:35 29 Sep 2008

A possible solution might be to use a USB 2.0 ETHERNET ADAPTER such as click here leaving the slot free for a V.90/92 Modem card.

I really appreciate the suggestion. I had thought about that but the USB worries me. The location of my case, the number of wires and cables, etc has resulted in cables coming loose sometimes. USB's seem to come out easily and would probably be worse with a dongle hanging down the back of the case. A printer, etc not in use is no big thing, but if I lost my network connection and did not realize it right away it could be a bigger problem. I might not have a choice, but I'd really like to try to find a combo card.

  lynken 23:51 01 Oct 2008

There is no modem/ethernet card combination available that I am aware of, the only solution to your USB problem is to buy a USB hub which will allow you to extent your connection from the rear of your system to your desktop and then plug in your required USB connections


  MarvintheAndroid 08:49 02 Oct 2008

You can get these for laptops, but not for desktop systems. However you can get USB modems if that would be preferable to a USB nic.


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