combat flight sim 3??

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 17:45 03 Feb 2003

Hello guy's, can any one tell me what com/fl/ sim/3 is like/,i liked the first one,and still play it,but number 2, to me, was not as good,not the same feeling,a bit "comic book"if you know what i mean.Is 3, more like one? , or two?.Thank's for any information.jar jar.

  ams4127 18:52 03 Feb 2003

I'm running it. It's very like IL2 Sturmovik. Totally different from the previous games, and a lot harder!

I run it at 1280x1024 on an Athlon 1G using a GeForce 2 Ultra with the 41.09 drivers.

Hope this helps.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 19:51 03 Feb 2003

thank's ams, totally different you say, well, i still dont know what to think,is it worth buying mate? jar jar.

  ams4127 19:51 04 Feb 2003

If you liked IL2 then you'll probably like this. I guarantee you won't find the missions anything like as easy as in the older versions.

Is it worth it? To me, yes. I enjoy it but it won't be to everyone's taste.

Sorry I can't be of more help, but if I say go out and buy it and then you hate it........!

  goonerbill 20:13 04 Feb 2003

as ams4127 said its a lot different from the previous 2. all though its a flight sim, its also a strategy game. as you do missions there is a front line which moves towards france if you are doing ok or moves towards england if not, opposite if ya play the germans.

the aircraft are a lot better, more realistic( fw190 drifts left on take off like original).

so the choice is yours, buy it or not.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 20:13 04 Feb 2003

ams,thank's for your post mate.Infact, you have been very helpful,i think i will get it ,i love flight sims, but i have never found anything better than the first com/fl/simulator.IL2is ok, typhoon is pretty good,but there is something about com/fl/simulator i really enjoy..jar jar.

  hugh-265156 20:22 04 Feb 2003

i just bought it at the weekend.and its not bad at all.looks nice too.just make sure your pc is up to the task of running it.its a bit hungry.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 09:28 05 Feb 2003

huggy, my system spec? Advent3412--intel pentium 4--512ddr--48xcd-rw--16xdvd--geforce 4mx440 8x 128mb ddr/tvout--120gb h/drive. Will this do the job?,i sure hope so,JAR JAR.

  hugh-265156 16:28 05 Feb 2003

sorry took so long to reply.yeah i think ya should be fine with that set up.i needed to do a bit of tweaking with the graphics to get it running smoothly on my system.celeron 1.8g 512ddr hercules radeon 9000 128mb.

  JAR JAR BLINK'S 16:59 05 Feb 2003

cheers huggy, i'll get it the weekend,i'll let you know if i get any probs--jar jar.

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