spikeychris 18:58 01 Feb 2004

Had a few complaints regarding click here

The arrows (next.gif and prev.gif) are the wrong colour, they cant see them. Try as I may I cant suss out how to change the colours.

Using Front page 2K3 photo gallery slide show.

Let me down and I'll airbrush Gandalfs hair out...


  PurplePenny 22:13 01 Feb 2004

I can see the arrows but they don't do anything. In Opera and Mozilla it is just one very long line of thumbnails.

The colours of the arrows are dependant on the MSTheme that you are using - is it possible to edit the theme? If not then you could go to the theme css - tech1011.css and manually edit it. I can't make out which of the navbuttons listed in the css that the page is using. If you work it out you could substitute other arrows.

I don't know anything about MS Themes but in other WYSIWYGs it is possible to edit the theme so give that a go first.


  Forum Editor 00:38 02 Feb 2004

FrontPage themes, and you'll find that you can select a better colour contrast if you do that. Simply changing the background colour would do the trick.

  spikeychris 08:11 02 Feb 2004

Knew the background was an option, just thought I could change the arrow colour instead.

  PurplePenny 10:41 02 Feb 2004

IF you can't change the colour can you select a different arrow?

  spikeychris 11:04 02 Feb 2004

Don't think so, I think they come as a "package" with slide show. I'll have a look though.

  spikeychris 12:16 02 Feb 2004

Background change.



  georgemac 13:15 02 Feb 2004

that sort of page is exactly what I want for a website myself and my son are constructing, we are using frontpage 2002.

can you give any advice on how you constructed that page, ans sizes for thumbnails images etc?

thanks, it was nice to put faces to a couple of forum members.

  georgemac 13:18 02 Feb 2004

just noticed you are using frontpage 2003, searched for slide show in fp2002 help but it never found anything.

  spikeychris 15:14 02 Feb 2004

georgemac, its under photo gallery, slide show is one option out of a few.

M$ help: In Page view, at the bottom of the document window, click Design .
Place the insertion point where you want to add a photo gallery.
On the Insert menu, click Web Component.
In the Component type list, click Photo Gallery.
In the Choose a Photo Gallery Option list, click the layout you want.
Click Finish.
To add a photo to the photo gallery, click Add.

The size of the image is stated by you, its an idea I thought to use the same on each...this was a problem at times as I was getting massive shots and tiny images. I had to resize out of Frontpage but it has an edit function.

Let me know if I can be of any help.

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