Coloured Stripes on an LCD screen

  Nancy166 18:24 18 Sep 2006

Began this as a continuation of another thread and decided it would be less confusing if I started a new thread!

A friend has a new computer but the fonts are very small (similar problem as another thread)
Her son changed the size of the fonts but this resulted in green stripes appearing on the screen. They are now multi coloured.

He said she would need a new monitor.

Having spoken to her again, he did reconfigure but the stripes are actually worse.
Cannot believe a monitor can be so limited as to produce only small fonts and icons and then break down if changes are made.

Any ideas?



  STREETWORK 18:30 18 Sep 2006

Cable problem, unplug, check for damage, replug and check.

Cable and plug OK, suspect graphics card faulty, reinstall the drivers for the card...

how old is the monitor?

  woodchip 19:23 18 Sep 2006

May be a faulty graphics card also

  birdface 08:10 19 Sep 2006

Hi Molly .S,Son has same problem, If you manage to get it fixed let me know how you done it.

  Nancy166 14:53 19 Sep 2006

The monitor is a few weeks old. I'll tell her about the graphics card but I think he is hell bent on another monitor. This one has a three year warranty although surely the computer company would question an exchange if it is fixable. Maybe not. Plus wouldn't another monitor especially if it is the same one,give the same problems?

It's very difficult when the info is second hand as she is relying on his expertise????



  STREETWORK 19:31 19 Sep 2006

Before getting a replacement, just check that there a re no speakers near it as they are know to create a magnetic field which can interfer with the monitor...

  woodchip 21:16 19 Sep 2006

Can the Monitor be tested on another Computer?

  Nancy166 14:27 22 Sep 2006

The graphics (downloading the drivers) was tried but nothing changed. There are now 45 stripes on the monitor....she counted them!

Oddly enough they disappeared briefly when she connected to AOL but then returned.

The company have agreed to exchange the monitor so as she would still have the same problem with the size of the fonts and icons she is exchanging monitors with her other son.

Obviously this is one of life's little mysteries. lol

Many thanks for all your help.


  birdface 12:05 29 Sep 2006

Hi Molly S,Did you ever get the line's on computer fixed, If so Let me know ,Then I can fix my son's, He has the same problem

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