Coloured squares and crashing problems.

  SminkyGet 11:31 09 Dec 2014


A month ago I had a problem with artifacting on both my desktop and in games taking the form of colored squares all over the screen. I had just recently installed the latest drivers figured perhaps they had become corrupted so I took the PC apart, cleaned it, rolled back to earlier drivers and it was fine.

Now the problem has come again, this time it looks like a definite hardware failings but I'm not sure where.

If I take out the Graphics card and use my CPU's GPU all seems fine. If I re-attach my 460 gtx I get the distorted colours and coloured squares, even worryingly during boot up (taking the form of white squares). The PC will eventually turn off if I leave it on for a while.

Does this suggest my PSU has gone bad? Is it just the graphics card, is it both or something else? I don't want to replace the Graphics Card just for the PSU to knacker the new one. The PC and components themselves are about 4 years old from purchase.

Any advice would be hugely appreciated my specs are

460 gtx 500w FSP group PSU i5 2500 4gb Ram win7 32bit ASUS P8H61-M

current drivers for the Gcard are from 2013 (as recent ones seemed to cause problems).


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