Coloured lines on Epson Stylus Photo 870

  nugget 11:43 31 Mar 2003

Recently have been getting coloured lines appearing on my prints, at first they were just blue but now there are blue and red. They don't print on every line and, after approx. 3/4 pages they disappear. I have tried running the cleaning utility and also re-installing the drivers but it hasn't worked. I did send an e-mail to Epson but so far no response. Any ideas/solutions?

  Lozzy 11:46 31 Mar 2003

Are you using clone cartridges??

  nugget 12:02 31 Mar 2003

No, they are original Epson cartridges.

  Diemmess 12:10 31 Mar 2003

You seem to have done everything by the book.
If the problem is there at the start and later fades, (have you tried a Windows test page?) then it sounds to me like a hardware fault.

If the printer is within warranty try phoning Epson. ( No longer cheap) .......They may offer to arrange for someone to fix it or replace it on site with a similar but working printer.

Again if the printer is nearly new then you have a good chance of Epson being helpful

The help tends to fade away as the printer becomes older, and in those circumstances email seems to be ignored.

  nugget 15:32 31 Mar 2003

It's a couple of years old, well over the warranty period so no joy there.

Had an idea it might be the printer itself, looks like a trip to the dustbin and a rake through my wallet!

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