Colour variation on different screns

  kumo22 09:06 19 Apr 2007

I have completed a re-design of my business site. I use Serif Web Plus 9

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The logo and banner text were created in coreldraw, saved as a png's and then inserted as graphics onto the site design pages. I also have a colour change on the page links, inserted as code to match the colour of the graphics.

When viewed through my laptop, using IE, the colours are as I intended - varying shades of muted purple. When viewed through desktop screens, again via IE, which I presume have a better resolution the graphics appear pinkish.

Because I want visitors to the site to see what I had intended, and I have no control over their screen settings, I am wondering whether there might be more appropriate colours that are less sensitive to the variations from screen to screen.

I would appreciate any observations or comments as to why this is the case.

Thank you

  AndySD 13:24 19 Apr 2007

On how many desktop screens have you tried them? On my 3 they ate fine (but then they are all callibrated)

  kumo22 17:34 19 Apr 2007


I might appear stupid but what do you mean by they are callibrated. The reason I ask the question is that most computer users, me included, take the machine out of the box, switch it on and never ever do anything with it again.

I can change the colours to make the site more compatible but I would rather get to the bottom of why there is a variation.

Thank you

  AndySD 18:24 19 Apr 2007

Calibrated or profiling your monitor (Printer and scanner) is a way of making sure that the colours displayed (printed and scanned) are correct. As you say most people just use it out of the box and accecpt the colours they see are correct. There is unfortunatly nothing you or I can do about this as every monitor (unless calibrated) will vary in a differnt way. Sorry its not much help for you though.

  kumo22 10:02 20 Apr 2007


I answer to you previous question the variation in colour has been viewed on three different desktop screens.

Before I change the colours I think I need to look at the site through many more screens. If the majority "distort" the graphic colours then I will have to change them.

In your opinion are "web safe colours" a better bet or is that irrelevant if the screen settings are different?

  AndySD 12:07 20 Apr 2007

I tend not to worry about web-safe colours unless its a large block of colour eg a background. But even then it will vary from screen to screen. I have just checked your site on the three screens in front of me at work and the colour is fine.

  HighTower 14:37 20 Apr 2007

I'm afraid you can't really win with this one until everybody in the world calibrates their monitors, which of course isn't going to happen as most users simply don't need to!

You'll probably find that colours look a little different on flat panel monitors compared to the traditional CRT ones.

Whichever way you intended the colours to come out they look fine on my monitor.

There's no real fix except use black and white ;-)

  peabody 14:55 20 Apr 2007

... on my LG Flatron LCD 563LE.

  kumo22 17:24 20 Apr 2007

Thank you everyone.

I'll check a few more screens and see how I get on. I'll probably just leave it as it is.

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