Colour temperature

  highside 20:28 10 Jul 2009

Can anyone tell me what temperatures equate to the settings I have for selection on my LCD monitor please.
ie Warm / Natural / Cool, I want to set 6,500K but of course the monitor maker couldnt put it that simply.
Would you think that the Natural position would be in the right ball court?
Thanks for looking.

  woodchip 20:31 10 Jul 2009

what suits you there is no hard and fast rule

  woodchip 20:31 10 Jul 2009

just try each

  highside 20:47 10 Jul 2009

Not some much about hard and fast rules but if you want to use a calibration program on a monitor the first thing it is likely to say is to set 6,500 in the first place before starting the process. Bit of a waste of money if you cant follow the first instruction.

  jack 09:00 11 Jul 2009

Colour temperature or 'degrees Kelvin is a device to differentiate shades or tones of colour as you correctly surmise, but to get to grips with the discipline you need meters and stuff and the ability for the device to be able to be infinitely adjusted.
This is not possible with a 'domestic' device
Put simply, use the adjustments available and when it looks right - it is.

  highside 22:34 11 Jul 2009

Thanks all, Beta - thats what I wanted thankyou.
Not just a question of what looks right on the LCD but what the difference is when your printer gets hold of it. You can play with profiles etc but I think the most significant thing is colour calibration PC & printer if you want photographs which look the same as you have produced on screen.
There are plenty of calibration programs and devices available.

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