Colour Separation (again)

  originalmiscellany 09:34 09 Dec 2004

Hi there -
I'm trying to print out a document using colour separation in Publisher and or Serif Pageplus...

I can print in colour normally, but when I try to print to Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black all I get is black and white printouts of varying magnitide. Only the composite looks and prints out in colour.

Is this what I should be expecting?

  €dstowe 09:48 09 Dec 2004

What you are getting are the instructions for colour separation printing machines - as used by larger scale commercial printers.

These printers operate by inking the sheet in three (or four) separate processes each process using a different colour - CYM(K). Traditionally, these separations were for preparing silk screens and there was no requirement for colour information within the file.

So, if you are trying to print these separations on a normal SOHO printer, there is no instruction in the files for them to be printed in any other colour than black. On a computer controlled colour spearation printer, the instruction for the separation print normally readable only with specific software.

Do you have a good reason to print in colour separation? If not, I would leave well alone because without appropriate equipment i.e. at least a colour separation printer, you could end up in a real mess and very confused.

  originalmiscellany 10:25 09 Dec 2004

The reason I ask is that my a-level students need to show that they can indeed print in colour separated glory.

There are options available for colour separation, and I'm using a good quality OKI laser printer (the 5100 i think)

click here

which I believe should be able to handle my request...

  €dstowe 15:49 09 Dec 2004

Your click here give a 403 Forbidden error.

But if, as you say, the option is there to print the separation colour there should be details of how to set the printer to do this within the printer manual.

BTW, separated prints are anything but glorious. It is interesting, though, to see that these apparently faded and washed out colours can form the colour-intense final print.

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