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  speedbird_zero1 11:40 22 Sep 2003

Hello, When i take digital photos of lets say a white building it appears exactly right on the screen, however when i print using my Epson Stylus C60 with fresh cartridges installed(and the same with the old ones)the white building is more of a greyish/purpleish/pinkish colour.This fault is there with all colours but is most apparant with white. any advise would be greatly recieved. Thank you. Mike

  shifty 12:19 22 Sep 2003

What program are you using when printing your digital prints? When printing photo's etc from other sources do they differ as-well. The type of paper you are using can greatly effect the colour output, I found using 180 photo paper from click here improved colour output, the ilford paper available from pc world was pretty good to. You may need to set-up your monitor and the colour profile for your printer. Most photo programs have a gamma set-up program to adjust your monitor correctly, have a look at click here and click here to check your monitor.
Your printer may then need setting up to match the profile of the monitor. I am using an Epson C70 and I had to set my profile as RGB colour scale. You will find this setting in printer properties in colour management. You could also go into the custom advanced settings of the main Epson print page and adjust the levels of brightness/contrast or the ink levels.

  -pops- 12:30 22 Sep 2003

shifty is dead right in all he/she says.

If you are worried at all about colour balance in pictures, ensure that all you are consistent in your inks and your paper. I'm not saying whether you should or should not use compatible inks or the genuine article, just that once you are set up, keep to that - both inks and paper.

For the record, I do use genuine inks on Ilford Printasia paper which I get from Maplin - either their shops or click here it is available in gloss or a very luxurious and attractive Pearl finish.

  speedbird_zero1 12:32 22 Sep 2003

I am using Paint Shop Pro 7, the paper is Ilford (which i have used for ages)this "colour problem" also happens after scanning a document, that also goes grey/pink as well. i will try the 2 sites to check the monitor first and get back.

  shifty 12:53 22 Sep 2003

Have you set-up your monitor gamma etc in Paint shop? I use the same program and have set the monitor gamma and the colour management proofing by going into file and preferances.

  shifty 13:05 22 Sep 2003

One other thing. When printing try setting the paper as photoquality inkjet and the printer at 360 fine and see if there is any difference. A problem with colour output can be caused by too much ink bleeding into the paper. Experiment.

  speedbird_zero1 13:29 22 Sep 2003

As a newby to most things PC i have been using PSP the way it was installed, however what ever package i use the results are the same. I have checked out the monitor on the sites reccomended and there is no problem at all there. i have sent a particular photot to a collegue and it is printing fine on his set up. i have tried various setting of DPI and various paper settings and still the whites are far from white. now i am looking for the RGB (?) values to change on my printer. there does seem to be a lack of control on this printer. maybe a new printer needed?

  -pops- 13:50 22 Sep 2003

I use a relative of the C60, a C80, but it does have separate ink tanks for each colour. I do also use genuine Epson inks - make of that what you wish. I find I can get excellent whites and blacks.

  speedbird_zero1 14:03 27 Sep 2003

Thanks for the advice. Turns out that altering the printer settings to "Digital Camera Correction" to correct colour differences when using digital media. All sems OK now.

Thanks again

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