COLOUR - a puzzler

  Dick9 03:01 22 Apr 2010

My screen (the monitor) will print in blue, in green; but NOT in red.
If I push the monitor button marked "degades", the screen will momentarily flood with ALL colours, including red.

But here is the real puzzle:
They say that yellow is produced using half red and half green. Any site can, and often does, write in yellow. How could that be?--as it needs to use the bannished RED?

Who know how to get the RED back?

  howard64 06:52 22 Apr 2010

if it is a vga connected monitor check that none of the pins in the vga plug are bent.

  mooly 07:53 22 Apr 2010

Do you mean Degauss ? crt monitor ?

If so pressing degauss will flood the screen with all colours... it doesn't mean they are all there as such. Degauss is a strong magnetic field to remove stray magnetism from the "tube"

click here

Has this problem happened suddenly ?

Colour mixing on CRT's is "additive" unlike painting (as in artist) which is "subtractive"
The primary colours are different between the two... additive RGB, subtractive RGY (yellow)

The ratio for TV (CRT) is 0.59 red 0.3 green and 0.11 blue in order to produce "white" light.
That is why the red gun is usually the first to suffer with low emmision.

And if it's not crt monitor I haven't a clue what "degade" is ;)

  Sea Urchin 11:42 22 Apr 2010

"My screen (the monitor) will print in blue, in green; but NOT in red".

I presume you are not actually talking about printing - but the display on the monitor?

  northumbria61 12:34 22 Apr 2010

I would check your connections first and as howard64 suggests that none of the VGA plug pins are damaged. Have you moved it recently - even cleaned behind it ? It is sometimes the simplest of things which need to be tried first.

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