Colour problems with DVD player/recorder

  premier man 21:36 13 Jul 2006

Hi all
Has anybody had this problem,
I have a Philips dvd recorder and suddenly the screen has turned a pale blue colour,
any suggestions??
I did a reset to the factory settings,but it was ok only for a couple of hours,suddenly changed in the middle playing a program.
It do not have a hard drive

  skidzy 21:53 13 Jul 2006

premier man..are we talking a stanalone dvd player or pc dvd player ?

If standalone what is the model number.

Is it DVDR610/or DVDR3305

If so,these are known to have problems,how long have you had this dvd player

  premier man 22:02 13 Jul 2006

thanks for replying,it is a stand alone model, model number is a DVD Player/Recorder 3305
had it about a year

  skidzy 22:30 13 Jul 2006

Gordie,sorry to say that these are reknown for having problems and i guess your warranty has expired too.

However you may be able to remedy this problem with a firmware upgrade.

Ok,we are agreed on the model,but is there another 2 digits after 3305 for example 3305/51 this may be in the manual.

You could try this firmware upgrade click here

  skidzy 22:42 13 Jul 2006

This may be of help also,3 other firmware upgrades...depending on your player. click here

Then click on the model number then drivers and software.

Sorry im not to sure about burning the firmware for your model as you may need something like Nero and have the settings set to Iso.
I recommend you use google or the phillips site for exact instructions of how to upgrade the firmware.

Hope this helps

  premier man 09:30 14 Jul 2006

Cheers for the Imfo,cannot find any no: after 3305,
manual appears to cover more than one dvd/recorder
would these upgrades still apply to the 3305 ??
I will go into them and look.
Thanks for your time

  skidzy 15:30 14 Jul 2006

premier man.... personally if the dvd player/recorder is really playing up,i would try each firmware upgrade that i found starting with the 51 code.
It seems you do not have much to lose at this time.

Please beaware that if it is the wrong firmware,you may corrupt the software of the player.

Hope this helps.

  premier man 08:38 15 Jul 2006

OK I will do as you suggest,as you say i`ve nothing to lose.
Thanks for taking the time over this,much appreciated

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