colour problem on screen

  HOLLIE 18:12 30 Dec 2004

colour on screen not very good also when i get photographs up very poor can anyone help

  Technotiger 18:18 30 Dec 2004

Hi, a bit more information please - what OS, graphics? card or onboard? What make Monitor?
What do you mean by 'very poor' - too dark? too much or not enough colour? With a bit more info someone, not necessarily me, may be able to help, though I will offer help if I can. Cheers.

  JIM 18:19 30 Dec 2004

Try resetting a different screen resolution.

Upgrade/update graphics drivers.

  HOLLIE 18:37 30 Dec 2004

i have windows 98se spectrum7vlr monitor never had problem before what settings should i have it on thanks

  Technotiger 19:06 30 Dec 2004

Hi, I have just deleted your email from my personal email program on my pc. Please do not take this the wrong way but you should not use the Envelope as you just did - it is only for personal messages. I do see you have already put the same info that you sent to me on this thread, and that is exactly how it should be done.
I will have a look on your thread again now and if there is anything I can suggest to sort your problem, then I will. Cheers. Don't be put off by this response from me - everybody needs to be able to see what is on the thread so that anybody can offer assistance. I am sure that you will get more than one person coming on to help you. We all enjoy helping when we can. Cheers.

  alnwrd 19:11 30 Dec 2004

I recently had to replace a 15 month old graphics card after suffering display problems. Could you try anoher graphics card?

  Technotiger 19:14 30 Dec 2004

Hi again, just a bit more info please - how long have you had this problem? Have you done anything to your pc recently i.e. instal/uninstal anything or made any other changes at all?
Does your Monitor have external adjustment controls on it?

This is to perhaps help me (cos I am NOT an expert), but certainly will help others who come on to help you.

  JIM 19:18 30 Dec 2004

If you monitors the 17"model the normal screen setting would be 1024 by 786 with 32bit colour or 24bit.

Right hand click on desktop screen and then select properties and see what the settings are.(change if need be) 32bit colour or 24 bit.

If there is a deguass control in the monitor settings try pressing that for any change.

If it 's old it may be on the way out but bekieve that monitor has 3yrs warranty under normal conditions.

  Technotiger 20:05 30 Dec 2004

Hi, me again - just a bit of info to help you (and anyone else who can help) -
Monitor is 17" XGA Digital Monitor with Onetouch control and OSD (On screen display). Max resolution is 1280x1024 at 60Hz. CRT with 3yr warranty.

Hollie I suggest you set screen to full 1280x1024 resolution - this is the same as my own resolution, which I find gives excellent results.

Don't be shy about repeatedly asking here; it's what this Forum is all about. Let us know how you are getting on?

  HOLLIE 13:17 31 Dec 2004

thankyou all for your help went to settings and and started from scratch and that put it right i think there were a few things wrong,so thanks again, bye

  Technotiger 13:53 31 Dec 2004

Well done - Happy New Year - don't forget the little Green Tick.

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