Colour Printer

  K*B 14:34 20 Dec 2010

Friends, some advice please. There are 4 cartridges in the HP Colour Laserjet CP1215 printer - 1 black and 3 other colours. Now, when all the colour cartridges run out leaving only the black one, will the printer print in black only for all colours anyway? Thanks.

  woodchip 14:41 20 Dec 2010

no do not think it will work, they are all the same all carts have to have some ink for it to work at all

  woodchip 14:47 20 Dec 2010

if you only want to print black your best bet is a cheap mono laser click here
PS Colour Laser Printer should print black if its only the Black that is full

  MarvintheAndroid 17:09 24 Dec 2010

Some printers give you the option to print composite black if the black cart runs out, not sure about yours though.

  HWJC 02:33 26 Dec 2010

I think it will print black only if it's like the printer I recall. On that occasion, some years ago, I discovered that a chip records the count of pages printed with colour (even spot colour) and prevented the colour printing even if toner remained. All part of the great printer con.

Lesson is to always print in B&W EXCEPT on the specific occasions colour is actually required. If not, the bill gets very high.

  jack O'lantern 08:30 26 Dec 2010

In general terms, simply because different makers go about printer design- er - differently.
Even specific machines from the same maker can work differently.
In general with inkjet printers- as with normal industial printing- black is not really 'black'
but a 'filler'- so that to print black- all colours are used.
Other machines can have the option of a 'Photo' black.
There was a Lexmark model that came with two cartridges - 3 colour and black- that could be swapped from black only to colour[ black in the colour being all three colurs giving a sort of greenish mush.
Electrostatic printers['laser'] because they have a history of being at the begining of time were phtomachanical photpcopier[Xerox] that then were adapted for digital use have evolved from black only with the colour option 'bolted on' so to speak.
So to answer your original question - as Woodchip pointed out- in general in inkjet printing all colours are required to print black.

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