Colour out not the same as colour in...

  edennorman 09:31 07 May 2004


I have been putting of this question for some time, as I fear it is a very complicated issue for this tiny brain to deal with.

It's to do with the colours of images that I scan into my system, when viewed in photoshop, they do not really appear the same as the image in real life, the colours are quite different, is their a piece of software that can deal with this issue, or is it down to lame brain here to do some twiddling?

Thanks for your help.


  Diodorus Siculus 09:37 07 May 2004

click here

click here

click here

Some guides to calibration.

  edennorman 09:56 07 May 2004

Thanks again

That was painless, had no idea there were sites like that for calibrating rbg or is it rgb?

Any way, thanks so much.......I can see colours's like....a new lease of life....and I can walk again and play the piano....oh shut up eden....


  Stuartli 10:36 07 May 2004

I realise that Diodorus Siculus has put you on the right lines but, if you are interested, I have a copy on a floppy of CheckScreen Monitor Test Software which I could e-mail to you as an attachment if you wish.

The Computing Suppliers Federation (CSF)organisation is supported by most monitor manufacturers (click here) and the utility was offered free as part of a Monitors Matter! campaign in the late 1990s, which included an excellent booklet all about everything to do with monitors.

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