Colour of Monitor

  carper 16:03 16 Nov 2004

I have an older PC which I Use only for the word processor but for some reason the monitor comes up purple on boot up, but all the icons etc are present. If I reapeat starting up a couple of times it eventually clears. Have I got a fault on the system or is the monitor on it,s way out

  Diemmess 16:17 16 Nov 2004

Could be either the monitor or the video controller. It does sound like a heat related fault with some component just at the edge of tolerance.......Only guessing, but I don't think it is motherboard etc, unless the video card is an integral part.

  Diemmess 17:20 16 Nov 2004

My first 17" CRT did this and at the point of selling it on to a friend's son who was a game-r his computer-wise father blamed the cable which had spent too much of life "wedged against the wall."

To a possible conductor failure in the cable, you must think of dodgy pins/sockets at either the monitor or computer end.

It was my TV a couple of decades ago which from new showed blue programmes for about 1 hour starting about 30 minutes after switching on, and proved to have a capacitor out of tolerance. because it was under warranty I didn't have to pay for the repair.

It deceived the dealer, because he would come into the workshop and switch on. -OK Then he would leave on his round of visits, and by the time he returned it had gone through its silly phase and was back to normal. If he had not changed his routine and caught it showing blue films, he told me he wouldn't have believed me.

  carper 11:06 17 Nov 2004

Thanks for your suggesstions I'll see what I can do.

  woodchip 11:24 17 Nov 2004

It can also be a broken Video Wire, I have the same on a old monitor.

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