Colour Matching between TFT Monitor & Printer

  Markus 16:07 01 Mar 2003

I have recently upgraded my system and changed over to XP Home from Windows 98SE. My problem is that I am unable to match photographs on screen with my printer. My new monitor is an LG flatron 17" and my printer, from my old system is an Epson colour 740. When used with my old monitor(Hansol 900P) the results obtained were excellent but for some reason, probably down to my lack of knowledge I am unable to get a satisfactory print using my new system. I am currently using Photoshop Elements 2.0 I have gone through the Adobe Gamma set up and created an ICC profile which slightly improved the end result.I have set up my printer according to the Color Management procedure. If I set this to print "Same as Scource" the resulting print is hardly visible. Using the "perceptual"& AdobeRGB(1998) set up slighly improves the print but it is still not acceptable. I have tried using the quick fix setting in the programme where the resuling image on screen is almost too dark to see but the print is still pale and washed out. I think that I can recall some time ago a discussion about a similar problem on this Forum but have been unable to locate it. After laying out a fair bit of monry for the new system I am reluctant to switch back to the older monitor. If the problem is just a printer incompatibility one I would be happy to upgrade. Can any of you wise people out there give me any advice as to how to get the good results that I should be getting. I have searched Adobe's files but could not find anything relevant. I have also mailed Epson to ask if they have a solution but had no reply which for Epson is unusual. Thanks in anticipation.

  shifty 16:33 01 Mar 2003

I've just cured the same problem with my system using a system called DISC 1. Using this system you print off a course colour chart showing 30 pictures in variations of the grey scale. By picking out the picture that resembles the closest possible grey without any colour casts you can then adjust the colour balance of the programme you are using or on the printer, each picture gives you figures for the colours that require adjustment. For example the picture that resembled grey on my system suggested an increase of 5 yellow and 5 red. If you e-mail me I'll send you a demo.

  Djohn 16:34 01 Mar 2003

Although not certain about this, I would say that the new monitor display is not able to effect your printer output in any way.

I think this is more down to the drivers that are being used from printer, or win XP, if you find that you are unable to obtain a satisfactory print, even after making the above adjustments you have mentioned,then may be you will need to look at a new printer

  Markus 17:02 01 Mar 2003

Djohn, Thanks for your comment. I have checked the drivers and there is no update required, but you may well be right about needing to upgrade the printer. The printer works well with all other progs. I am no expert when it comes to messing about with settings etc so maybe I am doing something wrong. Ich bin eine dumbkopf.

  BrianW 17:19 01 Mar 2003

Shifty + Djohn are both right Markus. The monitor cannot directly affect your printer output - but because the TFT image is generated differently from that on the Hansol you will need to fiddle with your colour temperatures and gamma corrections to get a closer colour match. Edstow wrote a lot of good stuff about this sort of problem some time back, so it may be worth a search of the database. Because the TFT image is backlit it will appear much lighter than the printed image. I have been trying to set my TFT up to the printer and have had some success using PSP7 and the Enhance Image options using increased contrast and colour saturation. Still haven't got it quite right yet though. I don't think you should go for the new printer just yet, you will probably run into the same problems with a new one.

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