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Colour Lasers

  Gummomarx 20:37 11 Aug 2008

I've been using a friend's OKI C5300 colour laser to print wedding invitations, booklets etc. for friends and family.

I'm being persuaded to do this professionally but I need advice in terms of the cost of printing and, consequently, I have no idea how to charge?


  Gummomarx 21:50 18 Aug 2008

Thanks Brian_B. I'm okay with the time part - it's the cost to print I have difficulty with. When you say your cartridges do 2,000 copies how much coverage of the page are you factoring in?

Most of my intended customers will want full A4 picture coverage.


  recap 12:47 27 Aug 2008

If the quoted 2000 copies Brain_B has mentioned is from the manufatures specifications I would suggest taking a third off that figure for a full coverage. When a manufacturer states these figure they are basing them on a draft letter of two addresses and maybe a paragraph of text, this does not fill a page.

  Gummomarx 12:56 27 Aug 2008

I'll bear that in mind, recap.


  Gummomarx 12:26 21 Oct 2008

I'm thinking in terms of printing invitations etc., Jen.

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