colour laser printers under £400.00

  daeburndave 15:19 01 Jan 2005

Happy New Year to all.
I have a birthday coming up and the family is donating money to me to acquire a new colour laser printer. Which one to buy? any help on reviews or experience at first hand would be appreciated: things like running costs etc are of obvious importance.
I await your comments with the usual bated breath!!

  Pesala 17:38 01 Jan 2005

For £400 my instinct would be to buy a mono laser and a colour inkjet to get the best value for money, though I haven't closely examined the quality and costs of budget-priced colour lasers. There cannot be too many to choose from at that price.

  fred 20:15 01 Jan 2005

Due to infrequent use I found that the jets on my inkjet printers clogged up. (I used a laser for B/W) Cheaper in the long term to buy a laser. Consider the Konica Minolta magicolor unit. Very good colour output, if slightly slow compared to single pass units.

  Starfox 20:57 01 Jan 2005

HP CL2550L laser printer £299-99 at PC World.
Don't know what it's specs are, I just saw them in the store yesterday.

  daeburndave 21:02 01 Jan 2005

Fred, you could be me, your experience with the inkjet has been my problem ie infrequent use blocked jets which is why I am looking at colour lasers, which answers Pesala's query and I agree not too many out there. I'm hoping someone with first hand useage might respond. So far thks for your input and I'll check out the Magicolor.

  daeburndave 21:06 01 Jan 2005

Thks Starfox will try to get specs and pay a visit to PC World, in the meantime any users out there plse advise.

  Charence 21:09 01 Jan 2005

were the exact words of my IT teacher who was telling us to print colour picture to the laser. I agree too...the output of the Brother HL-2700CN Colour Laser printer at school is very good. You don't need to buy special Kodak Glossy Photo Paper, the output on normal A4 paper is like something from a magazine. Really good...but I guess you'd expect nothing less at around £100 per cartridge (and there's 4).

You can get colour laser printers quite cheap now, for the Brother HL-2700 it'll cost around £500 click here, an almost identical printer with a better spec is the Lexmark C510N which will cost £299 from Makro click here, the cheapest I've managed to find so far is the Epson Aculaser C900 which costs only £199 at Makro (last time I went there) click here

The cost of toner isn't actually that bad, because one will last for about 5000 pages which is a bit more than your average Inkjet cartridge. I'm not sure if the printers are sold with cartridges included because if they are then they're a bargain when you consider that each cartridge for the Brother will cost around £100.

If you do buy the laser printer, and you find that toners are included, could you please contact me via the yellow envelope!!! Thanks!


  Charence 21:15 01 Jan 2005

Just noticed I kept saying cartridge, I meant toner.

Also if you want to find a Makro near you then click here, I think if you're a visitor then it'll cost you £1-3 to get in. If you have a business then you can get a Makro card and it'll cost you nothing to get in.


  fred 21:03 03 Jan 2005

Toner is included with the Magicolor. This idiot bought spare carts and so far has not needed to install any.

  deep-joy 21:08 03 Jan 2005

A friend has a Samsung 500, has built in duplex unit. Good output and quiet. Remember when you buy any laser printer, mono or colour, the toners are not "full", usually they are good to 1K or so.

  daeburndave 17:56 04 Jan 2005

Hi guys. Bought the Magicolor: cant open it until Sunday ( birthday and all that ) but Fred's experiences plus other reviews pushed me in that direction. Thanks for all your comments and input.

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