Colour Laser Printers

  Furkin 09:46 25 Jan 2007

Since the demise of my Brother (AIO) item, I am looking into getting a cheap colour laser printer to replace it.
I'm considering a Minolta/Konica 2500/2530. I have a Min/Kon 1300w 'mono' unit & have been impressed with it.
I'd be interested to learn of your pro's & con's of the 2500/2530 or similar priced items for home use.
thanks all

  Furkin 10:38 25 Jan 2007

Thanks Eric (I can only get the first link to work,,, but I get the gist - [into the Lexmark routine again ?!?!]).

As a home machine, 'all-round' cost is an issue, which includes ongoing inks/toners etc.

Bearing this in mind, what are the alternatives ? I don't mind paying a bit more for the machine if it works out cheaper after 6/12/18 months.

I like the idea of a separate Black, both for 'colour' quality & that 80% of my stuff will be mono.

thanks again

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