Colour display suddenly turned two tone

  compumac 19:35 07 Jan 2018

Suddenly my display is now two tone (Black and white). Upon starting up it shows colour but when reaching desktop only two tone is showing. Intel HD Graphics 4600.

Where do I go from here?

  compumac 08:40 08 Jan 2018

Flat Earther.


How come?

  compumac 08:51 08 Jan 2018

Flat Earther

So simple as to be unbelievable.

Thank you.

  compumac 09:17 08 Jan 2018

How does one tick this is the answer?

  Flat Earther 11:14 08 Jan 2018

The shortcut toggles the Colour Filter option found in Settings\Ease of Access\Colour & high contrast, which is Greyscale by default.

  compumac 11:18 08 Jan 2018

Flat Earther

Thanks for that, also found an article about this referring to Update 1709.

Your help most appreciated.

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